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December 14, 2006



Its time to end this ‘debate’ with the FXI. It’s going nowhere. I really hope the SAJBD don’t respond with another letter. It’s already denigrated into a childish spat.

It is impossible to reconcile the FXI’s potion on free speech with that of the SABJD (and us for that matter). For the FXI the greatest evil is power differentials in relationships. Thus viewed through their Leftist prism and their experience in fighting Apartheid, they believe that these differentials are the greatest threat to Free speech. So all people, institutions and governments that they perceive as not only powerful but also willing to use that power to their own advantage such as America, Israel, big business, the Jewish lobby etc are by definition the enemies of free speech. And it follows from this that any actions no matter how undemocratic to redress these power imbalances are done in the promotion of free speech. So using this warped logic, Salim Vally’s campaign to prevent the co-existence lecture tour is in fact an act of defending free speech. For his enforcement of the anti-Israel boycott weakens the Israeli state and thus in some way tries to diminish its perceived power over the Palestinian people. The problem of course is the subjective nature of who is powerful and who is weak.

That said I still believe that we should engage with the FXI. I would for example be interested to hear their views on the Iranian Holocaust denial circus. Is Iran and David Duke the victims or the oppressors in this one? I again extend ms Duncan the opportunity to debate these issues here on Its Almost Supernatural. I cant understand why she has until now not accepted our invitations.


Because these people are not interested in open discussion , they just want to spit venom against Israel and her supporters , unchallenged.
Their arguments are based on pure hate and cannot stand up to rational debate.

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