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November 08, 2006


Roland Dodds

What made me the most sick concerning this recent Gaza offensive is the way “Democracy Now!” played snippets of folks in Palestinian claming this was genocide!

What in the world happened to honest programming? Some random person tells a reporter that this constitutes genocide, and that sticks?

Sad, sad, sad.


Hi Mike and Roland,
At his "Beyond Victimhood" lecture at Wits, Mr Ronnie Einstein said that a genocide was taking place in Gaza. Of course, he did not mention Darfur.
It is the same language as the Israel/Nazi epithet and I would imagine that we will be hearing a lot more of it.
Re Darfur: the idea that Arab Muslims are systematically wiping out black African Muslims is too much of a "mind f..k" for the South African government. Ronnie, of course, will find it even more difficult to cope with since the Chinese seem to be supporting it. They voted against the UN getting involved in Darfur. That story hardly made the news here. I wonder why? Can you imagine if the USA had vetoed the motion! They would have been described as racist genocidal Nazis in the Mail and Guardian.


Antony, the position of South Africa and the international hardcore Left on Darfur is very interesting. I read an article in the M&G a few weeks ago about how it is not really genocide and how the West must stay out. It’s just another excuse for one more country for America to occupy. Cant remember if we blogged about it. I think that is basically there stance.

It’s a non issue here. Its crazy. But the blame doesn’t only lie with Ronnie and the government. The South African Jewish community has also been embarrassingly silent. In America they are at the forefront of the movement to stop the genocide. How many SA Jews even know what Darfur is?


Mike, is it that the international hardcore left is in bed with Islamic fundamentalism as a reaction to American hegemony?
Re the South African Jewish community and Darfur: Quite a lot of Jews have criticized the SA govt for being quiet on this issue, both in the Jewish Report and main stream media. I am not allied to the SAJBD but perhaps you are being a little harsh?
It should be born in mind that the US Jewish population is much bigger than the South African jewish community and more influential when it comes to foreign policy issues.


The unholy alliance between radical Islam and the far Left may certainly explain it.

No I don’t think I am being too harsh on the SA Jewish community. A few letters is hardly sufficient. In London for example there was a huge save Darfur protest and lots of Jews marched. A Holocaust survivor was one of the guest speakers. Why is the Holocaust Museum or the Yad Vashem foundation not doing anything.


Mike, i am not sure how well it would go down here if South African Jews led a Darfur protest. It might be easily be interpreted as a cynical diversion away from the problems of Gaza. Also it would be viewd as an implicit criticism of the over-emphasis on Israel in the media/ politics.
I think that the situation here is fraught with difficulties in respect of Jews protesting on a national level.
Perhaps the best way would be some multi/inter faith rally.
It is a great pity that Franz Auerbach is not here to get such a ball rolling.


I understand your point Anthoney.
I would suggest an internal event to educate ourselves about what is going on there. So something not designed for public attention. In fact, deliberately keep it out of the public media.
But it is important for us to realise and to fully comprehend what is going on.


There's also Sri Lanka, where government forces bombed a refugee camp the same day as the Gaza shelling, killing 45 to 65 civilians. In another incident, Sri Lankan shells came within 50 meters of hitting international observers whose presence had been cleared with the government. There's no good way to fight a counterinsurgency.

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