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November 28, 2006



Mike, Steve,

I second your call. In fact I think that the outcry in the country over this serious suppression of free speech should be larger than that which occurred when Ronny was unable to publish a letter in one paper. This seems to me far more nefarious, with an entire speaking tour having to be cancelled as a result of threats.

Indeed, Ms Duncan, I think your colleagues letters constitute clear incitement to cause imminent harm?



I wonder if terrophile Jewish Voices will join the PSC in their protests against Pogrund and Walid Salem.
After all Jewish Voices have joined the PCS in every one of their protests , against their fellow Jews in Israel.

Anthony Posner

I have alerted Jane Duncan (FXI) to the Supernatural debate about
Pogrund's cancelled visit.

Will she reply?

Should you hold your breath?

.... well, only if you have done a "Klever- Kebble" and topped up your
life insurance. "


Mike, Steve

What is the nature of this "intimidation campaign" that you refer to? I read your post and the M&G article and I couldnt find the campaign. Unless 1 email saying there will be protests is a campaign.

Secondly, you say: "Given the extreme nature of previous PSC protests". Can you give a FEW examples of the "extreme nature of previous PSC protests"? Where, when, etc?

And talking of silencing, werent you among those who tried to silence Heribert Adam from launching his book at the Constitutional Court?


I will reply in full when I have time but for now I will correct you about the Heribert Adam book at Constitutional Court, and then I will pose your first question straight back at you.

First off, Seeking Mandela was released before the debate at the Constitution Hill.

We never tried to silence the authors of the book - we complained that the debate's panel represented only the One -State solution argument.

We wanted the debate to include a more diverse array of opinions - not the narrow and restricted opinions that were on display.

Naeem Jenna, Virginia Tilley and Stephen Friedman all hold the same ideas regarding the key issues discussed in Seeking Mandela. Is adding a person capable of presenting the Zionist narrative tantamount to trying to silence the debate?

"What is the nature of this intimidation campaign"

Salem's visit to SA was all planned - and he suddenly cancelled after receiving emails from Salim Vally. Why do you think he pulled out of the series of lectures?


Salem pulled out because... maybe because he understood the point that Vally was making in his ONE email: it wasn't worth the embarassment of having people protest outside your lecture. You think that's possible?


I came across this article rather late... but nevertheless let me just say:
I actually think that if Salim is a blatant anti fascist he should not make such fascist remarks and demonstrate what a cold, hostile, anti democrat he is. I think everyone's problem is that we have forgotten out shared membership of the human race and we create these hostile barriers by not speaking to each other. The problem with people like Salim, is that they think they are they the cognitive authority when it comes to the issue of Palestine and anyone who disagrees with them is a zionist, fascist, racist or some other ridiculous accusation
Please all this shit needs to stop and we need to start uniting, everyone

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