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« Q & A with Paula Slier - Part 1: Slier on Zikalala | Main | SABC Blacklisting: Mpofu Cries Racism »

October 20, 2006


Joel Pollak

Thank you very much for the Q&A with Paula Slier.

I am currently at a public meeting at Harvard featuring a UK lawyer, David Machover, who tried to have Doron Almog arrested for "war crimes." I calmly demolished his arguments and he started shouting "Security!" The one human right these people cannot tolerate is the freedom of speech.

Good job to Paula. The Zikalalas of the world are no match.


Man, that's some "Red Alert" stuff, where can I get a Visa for Australia?


Thanks Joel. We do wish there were more people like you in South Africa.


The sad thing is I remember Snuki when he was a reporter like Paula is. He was an extremely adept journalist and a very decent man to chat to.

Power has gone to his head, so it seems.

Excellent interview Steve!

Andrew Mainz

I beleive this nasty person without any management knowledge and business acumen has without a shadow of a doubt cast South Africa back into the Apartheid are when all news was sensored and STATE controlled.
He has said on record that his views are consistent with his party the wonderful dictatorial ANC. If you disagree or your views are fair and balanced irrespective of the topic, he deems it his obligation to ban you and or the topic. Zim is a pandemic situation that Mbeki has fueled by allowing that monster to destroy the Bread basket of the region.

Paula will be heard and not silenced by a bigot, a racist and a rivolting Anti Semite.
Openly supporting the PLO is taking sides and not being impartial and balanced.

Snuki boy...go to hell!!!

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