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October 16, 2006


Vaz Lube

I would overlook if SABC was a private entity. But as public broadcaster, this unforgivable sin in a society like ours. If M&G was a government mouthpiece, then I would be very deeply disturbed.

If I refuse exhortion (AKA TV Licence) fees to SABC, then they will bring down the law on me. I've been calling for SABC to be privatised long long ago.

I find it astounding how much effort to focus on tiny segment of the world population while ignoring real and pressing big picure issues. The world Jewry only accounts less than one quarter pertcentage of world population. One 1/4%. As the current figures go by. [1] [2] Astounding.

The future of Jewry is not looking good given the present demographic trends.

And if I wonder why one needs to focus the percived ills of tiny segement of world population is a reflection of one's own problem. Good old classic scapgoating and red herrings to divert issues. Look at Ronnie for classic example.

[1] reference
[2] refernece

Vaz Lube

Sigh, I meant to say "only 1/4%" not "1 1/4%"!


Ignoring all the many responses that could be made about this incident and Mr Zikalala's comments one can only identify how even more absurd this is when one looks at the experts that are used. Like the MRN's spokespeople or how about hosting discussions with S.Friedman or R.Kasrils.


paula slier is gobsmackingly gorgeous.

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