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October 20, 2006



Awesome job guys, and great interview. You're pulling off some real journalism here while the rest of the media remains at a standstill.

I do have one stylistic quibble though, in that I don't think it's necessary to use bold lettering to emphasise phrases within Paula Slier's responses. While that approach works brilliantly when analysing articles or speeches and bringing out the most important phrases, it tends to jar slightly in an interview.

Oh yes, and the "Controversy - For Disengagement Cont'd: Bret Stephens" link in the pane on the right seems to be acting weirdly. I don't know if it's just my browser.

But that aside, keep up the great work guys, you're doing a brilliant job. So when is the interview with Thabo Mbeki going to be happening?...


Very very interesting. Thanks for going the extra mile to get this interview, it is very enlightening. Blogs are the new news outlets!


Thanks guys,

Darren, thanks for the specific feedback. I try bold articles that are long to make them easier to scan because studies from the NN/g show that most people scan and dont read web pages.

But perhaps an interview is already broken up enough that it doesnt require the bolding. And yes I can see how it could confuse the eye with the question and answer style used. Thanks.

The link does seem broken. Its missing the http:// :-)

Try it again. It was a brilliant article at the time but its probably dated now. It was a huge thing at the time that Bret Stephens came out in support of the disengagement so openly. Caroline Glick wasn't happy.

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