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October 13, 2006



Man! That's pretty bad.
That's like Zimbabwe type bad.

Jack Bloom

By contrast, it seems to be compulsory to always have an anti-Zionist Jew to argue against Israel so as to cover against accusations of antisemitism. Actually, I was never enamoured of Paula Slier's reporting - she did her share of Israel's separation "wall" stories. Far better to have a nice objective Christian reporter rather than play a Jewish reporter who usually feels to need to "fit in" with the fashionable anti-Israel line.


I actually must agree with Jack Bloom. Her reports from ‘Occupied Palestine’ were not exactly decorated with pretty Zionist imagery. But I really dont think that is the point. Religious affiliation should not be a criteria to determine whether someone is objective or not when reporting about the Israeli-Arab conflict. Its like saying no Blacks should be allowed to report on the situation in Zimbabwe because they are biased. Its an innately racist position.

Jack Bloom also raises the issue of self-censorship. The commission report actually mentions this as a problem in SABC. How many times to Jews in public positions take anti-Jewish roles in order to overcompensate fro their religious affiliation? South Africa’s intelligentsia have made it extremely clear in the last few years that the only good Jew is one of the Kasrils’ variety. And even they are problematic when they don’t toe the line (take Kasrils and the Rashid Khalid affair).


Guys I am laughing at your comments – you are blind to the basic things – I do see it because I’m too far and have no idea of SA reality…
Just take a look at what Mr. Z said from the logical point of view – and all the rest will just disappear:

Mr. Z supports “A”, that’s why he does not like Miss. P, she MAY be supporting “B”, and that is not objective…

He starts from saying that he DOES supports “A” – and finds it fully OK! E.g. he is objective?!?!?

What else do you need to say?


Personaly on Paula, I can tell you from seing all the time her reports from Israel, which you guys have no opportunity to see - she is the most tollerant and objective corespondent I've seen in my life! And probably that is why both muslim and jewish communities are not happy with her! Truth is always in the middle!


Anna you spot on with your comment about Zikalaka. He openly admits bias uses his bias as the reference point for what is impartial. Hopefully he will be kicked out though I doubt things will get that far.

I must say that hearing that Paula will be reporting on a situation from the Middle East on 702 has always been like a breath of fresh air for me because (and especially during the recent crises) she really did take impartial viewpoints. I think her reporting was of a high quality.

But that is the scary thing. She really was impartial but that wasnt good enough for the ANC.


Sorry - meant to say that wasnt enough for Zikalala's SABC. Which really means ANC anyways.


Problems with Snuki Zikalala have been mentioned for years now. It seems like nothing will happen though and everything will continue the same.


It's pretty frightening stuff all of this. It smacks of a very definite move towards anti-Israel sentiment, surprise surprise, and growing anti-semitism. Thankfully Jews are on their toes and if need be, they won't stick around for the inevitable demise of democracy.

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