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October 31, 2006



If you had to choose one entity to rule the world, COSATU or the UN, who would it be?


COSATU and the SACP are Stalinist organizations, their rule would be like the return of Stalin to power-like the way North Korea is ruled.


Wow Derikboy that’s a tough call. I would probably choice the UN over COSATU.


Agreed. I would have to go for the UN over COSATU. But eventually the there will be no difference between the UN will probably be a Sharia pushing Islamic Coalition Front.

Vaz Lube

Derikboy, the answer is neither UN nor COSATU. No entity should be ruling the world whatsoever.

Gary is right on COSATU/SACP. I am waiting for both of them to be booted out of alliance and they must consent elections on their own. They are parasitically attaching themselves to the ruling party and poisoning them with their vile ideas. I could probably say that the most idiotic ideas coming out of government could be attributed from COSATU/SACP faction within.


Derikboy I been thinking about your hypothetic dilemma some more. It’s actually not such a hard choice. I would take the tyranny of incompetent bureaucrats over a workers paradise any day.


Vaz , You are right that SACP/COSATU are an evil and vile bunch but they won't ever be booted out of the ANC alliance as it suits the ANC to have their votes and it suits SACP/COSATU to be part of the ruling alliance with cabinet seats etc.
What would REd Ronnie do if he didn't have his cabinet post to bully people with , and throw his weight around?

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