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October 06, 2006


Don Peterson

Kasrils is called minister of intelligence but has no intelligence. The words that fall out of his mouth are not worth the polluted air they land on.

If Kasrils was alive at the time of the holocaust or resident in nazi Germany does he believe he would have escaped murderalong with the other 6 million jews who died simply because they were jewish.

Kasrils should emigrate to palestine and join the hamas government


Now thats an idea I would certainly support.


The PA is always looking for extra help with internal repression of dissidents. Ronnie must have picked up a thing or two during his training in the Soviet Union. Hereby put forward his nomination for Minister of internal security in the new PA unity government.


No a clever letter writer once observed...he would be minister of de-fence!

Hey guys, this is exactly the response Kasrils wants. He does it for sensationalism. It is his only way of ever getting recognition. He wants to provoke a response and you are playing into his hands.



Anonymous I think you are wrong. Kasrils is a minister in the SA government. He is certainly not starved of attention.

What you advocate is just ignoring him in the hope he will go away. The Jews of Europe adopted the same approach to Hitler and look at the result. The only way to fight anti-Semitism is to speak out and expose its lies and falsehoods.

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