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September 25, 2006



The M&G has become a mouth piece for radical Islam. It is as David Horowitz explores in his book there is a new unholy alliance between Islamists and the Left. They are united in their wish to destroy Judeo-Christian civilisation. It would seem that the editors at the M &G do not deplore the violent response of some Muslims to the pope’s comments. They in fact envy it.


And you evidence for that is?

No, counting examples of radical leftists on campuses saying stupid things doesn't count. Do you have evidence that these folks represent "the left" (Whatever that may be) in any meaningful sense?


The English Guardian and its SA side kick the Mail & Guardian are the bastions of Leftwing dogma. They are very proud of that. It’s not a disputed fact. They share many similar positions with Islamic radicals. They anti-Israel, anti-American and anti-organised Christianity.

David Horowitz has written a whole book on this new unholy alliance which I definitely recommend. I have blogged about it previously if you are interested in reading it. The most vivid and recent example of this phenomenon is the tag team anti-Americanism dished out by Hugo Chavez (probably now the new political leader of the international far Leftist) and Ahmadinejad (president of the Islamic republic of Iran). There is little doubt that these radical forces have teamed up with the sated goal of overthrowing western civilisation.


In South Africa the Mail & Guardian have always represented the left. During the their latter Rand Daily Mail days under Benjamin Pogrund they did it well.

Unfortunately today they allow themselves to get constantly hijacked by the Israel-Palestinian issue.

  Keith Dawid



let's not forget, besides Chavez, George Galloway in the UK and the whole Socialist Workers Party/Respect group. Respect is an open and proud alliance between radical Leftists and Islamists. Also ANSWER in the US. Horowitz of course mentions this. At the recent anti-Jew pro-Hezbollah jihad rallies, laughably called anti-war rallies, many leftists were open in their support for Hezbollah eg in a London rally you can see white non-Muslim English folk carrying placards saying "we are all Hezbollah now". I could go on and on

This is why Islamists and neo-Nazis for that matter praise Leftist journalists, academics and politicians as objective truth-tellers. For example Osama has praised Robert Fisk and William Blum. Fisk is likewise praised by neo-Nazis such as David Duke.

Notice how Chavez was holding a book up by Noam Chomsky during his recent diatribe at the UN. Chomsky is practically a god to radical Leftists the world over and a favourite of so-called progressive intellectuals, in SA as much as anywhere else. Listing Chomsky's delusions and lies would fill a book, but most pertinently this is a so-called Jew who says:
"I see no anti-Semitic implications in denial of the existence of gas chambers, or even denial of the holocaust."

For Chomsky's very friendly associations with French Holocaust deniers like Robert Faurisson see


also let us not forget all the Leftists who have come out in open support of the Iraqi insurgency, which of course are Baathist pro-Saddam thugs on the one hand and radical jihadists on the other hand. They include Mike Moore who has compared these jihadists to heroic "minutemen" (check up on US history -the Revolutionary War if you don't know the minutemen), John Pilger who speaks of these jihadists as national liberators and then Pilger later signed a petition condemning the killing of Iraqi academics...being killed by the self-same jihadits Pilger has given his open support to! Arundhati Roy as well also backed the insurgency.

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