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September 26, 2006



Ha ha ha ha...wonder what made you choose that pic!!


What I really loved was the Cedar symbol that she made with her hands. Because the Cedar Revolution was a sign of so much hope.

Its a picture of how Lebanon should be. When Fisk writes about how glorious Lebanon is, he is actually referring to that Lebanon depicted in the above image.

Yet he deviously then supports the other Lebanon - the extremist Islamic Shiite Lebanon which is about oppression and intolerance.

The left tried to deceive us into believing that there is only one Lebanon united by the Hizballh. But that is not true. There are at minimum 2 very separate and very divided Lebanon's. In reality there are actually probably 4 or 5 Lebanon's inside Lebanon with old borders drawn in blood remaining from the civil war in which Christians, Shiite's, Sunni's, Druze and Palestinians all fought against one another.


This blog, a compendium of brazen ignorance and lies, is one of the reasons that I, as a Jew, am not a Zionist.


Well I am impressed that I am such an influence in your life :-)

But seriously...

My stats show that you have made no previous visits to this blog.

They also show that you have only viewed the main page of this blog with a click into this thread to add your comment.

And so from viewing just one page of this blog you conclude that its "a compendium of brazen ignorance and lies?"

After spending a whole 20 minutes on the blog!

I think that the reason you are not a Zionist has little to do with this blog and lots to do with your rush to jump to conclusions, prejudging others, without first understanding what you are talking about.




Shkayach Steve!!

Bachir Sayegh

I am an LFer and actually the sign she is making with her hands isnt the cedar sign , it is the LF Delta , the logo that represents the militia's resistance agains Syrian and Palestinians presence in the war .

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