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September 27, 2006


Joel Pollak

On Kasrils in the Cape Times, don't read too much into his letter. I believe the original article was not written by Kasrils but by Virginia Tilley, who managed to give herself a plug along the way. I think that the Ambassador's reasoned response shamed Kasrils and that his response to the Cape Times (written by Kasrils, not Tilley) was just an emotional reaction. Compare the tone of the original article and Kasrils's letter, and note the differences; then check the original Kasrils/Tilley article against Tilley's published writings on the web and you'll see what I mean.

Good on the Israeli ambassador for publicly calling Kasrils’ bluff. He cant have his Halvah cake and eat it. Either he supports the SA government’s two state solution policy and loses his trendy Islamist/Leftist friends or he goes with the Ayatollah’s one state approach (more like no Jewish state approach) and is out of a job. The market for intelligence ministers isn’t bad in the Islamic republic of Iran at the moment but unfortunately for Ronnie I don’t think they are hiring Jews. That might explain why he now states in black and white that he believes ‘the "two-state" solution would be the more implementable approach’.

Joel, I agree with you that Ronnie probably didn’t write the first article. It showed far too much political finesse to be his alone. But I am more inclined to believe it was lifted from Seeking Mandela written by Heribert Adams and Kogila Moodely than Tilley. In their book, they have a similar critique of Tilley as Kasril’s in the first article. I have unfortunately misplaced my copy and so am unable to prove that it was an exact cut and paste job.


The comment above is mine

Vaz Lube

Since Ronnie and others are so obessed with one state solution, then they should explain to us how successful one state was:


If Ronnie is using up his time and energy sprouting nonsense in media, then one has to wonder his commitment in his job as a Minister of Intelligence?


Ronnie Kasrils = Minister of Intelligence, Oxymoron, I think so. How can this clown be our Minister of Intelligence, he shopuld be kicked our of Goverment.

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