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September 17, 2006


James Clark

What gets me is that the Pope implies Muslims are violent, right. Then what do Muslims do? They don't clean oil off penguins or hold massive charity drives for AIDS babies - you know, to prove old Ratty wrong. They violently attack churches.

It's a good thing Islam bans alcohol. I'd hate to see what some of these crackpots would do when they're not sober...

They don't clean oil off penguins



I wonder if rioting (peaceful) muslims intent on burning down a church would distinguish between "Pope supporting" and "Non Pope supporting" brands of Christianity, or will it just be a Jihad on Christianity?

Is a Protestant church safe in a muslim country now? Does anyone know this answer?


Unfortunately the answer is no. Not all of the churches attacked in the West Bank were Catholic. It appears they didnt discriminate between the different denominations of Christianity.


I didn't think they would. All Christians stand under the Pope in muslim eyes. Which is good actually.


Just imagine what would have come of the old churches in the Christian quarter of the old city had it come under Palestinian rule in 2000 - if Arafat had accepted the Israeli offer of Palestinian sovereignty for 3/4 of the Old city (Israel offered them the Armenian, Muslim, and Christian quarters).

Im thinking that the Christians living there are thanking their lucky stars that its Israeli policemen guarding them and not Palestinian preventative security forces.

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