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September 29, 2006



Yeah, the UN is a toothless tiger. It's days are numbered. Look at the humanitarian crisis in Darfur - is anything being done there? The Security Council is a joke, nothing ever gets agreed upon. The UN would drag its feet if ever Iran developed nuclear capacity - nothing would be done. Russia, China and France oppose anything Israeli and always will - what a joke

brett chatz

I agree, however the UN is needed. Their efforts in the humanitarian dept. largely go unnoticed but they are doing an incredible job. Recall that in the media - Bad News is what sells, the care and devotion that many UN peacekeepers partake in is real. That they are unable to come to agreement regarding Iran, Somalia and other strife-torn regions is not the fault of the UN. It is the failure of the international community to show solidarity where it is needed most. Whatever international initiatives are undertaken with a multilateral 'umbrella' conglomerate of nations - the same problems will arise. The UN has worked well to a large degree.


Brett, I don’t agree with you. I think there are systematic problems with the U.N. that result in a need for a total overhaul. The human right commission is the most glaring example. How can it be that some of the worst abusers of human rights in the world sit on this committee? Another example is the disarmament committee where Iran is a member.

The heart of the problem is the equal treatment of dictators and democracies. American and North Korea have and equal vote in the general assembly. Yet it is the democracies who foot most of the bill. I read on the weekend that under Koffi Annan’s watch over a million people died in wars or genocide that the U.U. failed to prevent. It’s a disgrace. A total disgrace. And worst of all he got a Nobel Prize for it.

I could go on and on … I advise you to check out a website call . Then we can chat some more.


Hey Mike, of course you are entitled to your opinion and I respect that completely. However, I must insist that the U.N. has a role to fulfil regardless. Yes they have their shortcomings but so does every organisation. They do some good work, perhaps overall some of their significant failures have marred their image but the efffectiveness of the U.N. will only be further undermined by such opposition. We have to give peace a chance and if that isn't a viable option then an alternative must be implemented.


Article about Kofi Annan in prospect magezine.

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