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September 25, 2006



I'll go with
1) War in the North
2) Formation of Kadima
3) Sharon's stroke

The Hamas election victory would be fourth. It really was a gigantic year full of tragedies.

May the new year be one of solutions to all of our problems.


For me, one of the most significant events was the assasination of Musab al-Zarqawi. Though the effects have been limited, it was a true win for the war on terror and I think it gave good reason to be optimistic again. The world is certainly a better place for it.


I agree - taking out Zarqawi was a big win. The award for the non-victory of the year goes to the dismantling of the UN Commission of Human Rights.

But it was replaced by the even worse UN Human Rights Council.


My 3 are the same as Mike's three though.


Barry, taking out Zarqawi was definitely the most positive event for the West this year that I can think of. But as you point out it has little effect on stemming the violence.

Anti-UN, great comment. Couldn’t agree more. It’s the non even of the year from the most irrelevant organisation of the year. Every year I wonder if the UN could get worse and it always has the amazing ability to surprise me. Its like a political cockroach. It could probably even with stand an Iranian nuclear attack.

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