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August 30, 2006



Hmmm, you should've told me about this. I would've attended in your stead.

The pack is no longer available either, perhaps it caused a bit of a stir with others as well.


can't believe I ever admired Sparks in the past, back when he authored "The Mind of South Africa", but there you go, the Jew-hate meme has infested the political Left to such a degree that it still leaves me almost speechless and gobsmacked. When Albert Camus wrote "The Plague", it was a metaphor for the plague of Nazism that had swept through Europe, his book and its central metaphor applies AS MUCH these days to the Western Left.

Changing the subject, Here is an excellent article
by the always excellent Melanie Phillips on the Jew-hate lies and sins of omission of the western media on the Lebanon war and its disastrous consequences for the West and Jewry which even those of us who are more than aware of all the anti-Israel bias in the media often don't recognise properly or deeply enough. Melanie Phillips is one of the best in the UK for documenting the endless distortions and hateful bias of the British media on Israel. She used to work for the Guardian but left them because of their endless Jew-hatred. Julie Burchill left the Guardian for the same reasons.

Anyhow read the whole article, it hits the nail on the head.

oh yeah I am typing this from Israel, arrived the other day.


Thanks Lawrence. Meanie Phillips is brilliant and the article your referring to is definitely a must read. I remember an excellent article by Julie Burchill which she wrote just before she left. A simple search should find it.

The reasons Sparks is so revered is largely because of his fine work under Apartheid. But today he has been unable to adapt to a free South Africa. He needs an evil empire and because it is no longer SA it has left a void which he has filled with an imaginery devil.

Enjoy Israel!

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