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August 13, 2006


brett chatz

What we really need to know - even here in South Africa

The world is at war, not officially, but nonetheless we are at war with terror.

The overwhelming majority of us have nothing to do with the twisted ideological aspirations of various militant groups, but we have to constantly bear witness to the loss of life through acts of murder and mayhem; we have to endure radical changes to our lifestyles because the totalitarian tactics of terror are all pervasive.

How do we combat this plague which has descended upon us? Do we take up arms? Do we lend our voices of dissent to media networks and outspoken lobbyists? Do we form vigilante groups to combat these terror cells? Do we march in protest against terror? Do we try to change the mindsets of our enemies?

The answer is far more benign. We do very little, but we maintain vigilance and espouse cautious optimism. The powers that be would like to appease us that they have everything safely under wraps – but do they? Do the leading world powers have this rampant terrorist threat under control? Are the leaders of Democratic nations able to quell the aspirations of militant groups, hell-bent on the destruction of peace loving citizens of these countries?

We can’t keep sweeping these issues under the carpet; we can’t keep these questions out of newspapers and digital media news sites like anymore. In this era of trying to be politically correct while simultaneously serving a particular agenda, media networks must reflect the will of the people. These are the most pressing concerns affecting citizens of the free world and we want our leaders to be held accountable to us – the people who elected them to office. It would be exceptionally foolhardy to think that here in South Africa we are immune to the scourge of international terror. That would be the first mistake. Recollections of the Planet Hollywood bombing in Cape Town and the Pipe Bombs which tore through the nation aren’t as distant a memory as one would hope. It only takes a second for this type of conflagration to flare up again.

Recently a plot of unthinkable evil was foiled; a sinister scheme that would make 9/11 look like a walk in the park: several terrorists tried to smuggle the components of liquid explosives aboard airliners flying between the United Kingdom and the United States. Whatever your feelings are regarding the US and the UK, you cannot condone acts of terror which are purposely targeted against civilians. Only an absolute coward whose mind has been infiltrated by the tentacles of hatred would consider killing innocent civilians. These terrorist atrocities were foiled, but many more plans are afoot. The rabid hatred which these militants are primed with runs so deep that even indoctrination is too weak a word to describe the brainwashing they have undergone.

It is not only correct for the media to publicise this type of story, but it is the moral obligation of an unbiased media network to hammer the perpetrators of such cowardly and criminal conduct. We cannot for one second allow complacency to wash over us; this terrorist threat is alive and well and it is being fuelled by the fires of hatred. It is so prevalent that it threatens to tear through the very moral fibre of our lives. Those espousing the idea of terrorism against the west have at their core an iniquity of such unimaginable proportions; their lifeblood is fuelled with such vitriol and malice that they see no other way to live out their miserable existence.

Perhaps it is high time that the news media stopped running the plethora of ditsy stories of little consequence and actually started running stories which impact heavily on people’s lives and those of their loved ones. Issues such as global terror are real. They are brewing in our midst and they seek to drive further wedges between nations. The non-publication of stories such as this one will only compel me and others like me into pushing even harder to get this message across. There are people out there who want to expose the truth about what is fuelling this hatred, people like Wayne Kopping who directed Obsession. While many of us are not ready to hear the message, it is imperative that the message is heard because only then will we know why we are constantly faced with the threat of the Sword of Damocles over our heads!


Give please. Good soldiers never pass up a chance to eat or sleep. They never know how much they'll be called on to do before the next chance.
I am from Congo and also now teach English, give true I wrote the following sentence: "Huntington manufacturer in a acceleration 6,351 years and was come in a 'flyout, becoming him to train his tailwhips, 342 companies."

Regards :o Habib.

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