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August 12, 2006



there was a good letter by one Arthur J Weinburg (spelling?) of Cape Town in the Cape Argus the other day showing up the hypocrisy and one-sided anti-Semitic balderdash of those "concerned Jews" for what it was. You guys should scan the whole letter up, if you don't have it I can scan it up myself, and send it to you guys. I'm sure Weinburg won't mind that. The interesting thing was how the letter of those so-called Jews was glowingly endorsed and praised by some sheik from the Muslim Judicial Council on the same letter page of the Argus. Proves Weinburg's point.

The ever clueless Barry Ronge couldn't help himself from taking a dig at Bush and Blair who he calls "bad cop, worse cop", for daring to allow Israel (careful not to name Olmert by name but the implications are clear) to defend itself from jihadist terrorism in his column in the Sunday Times magazine today. Not that the Middle-East conflict was what his column today was actually about, but there it was...

Ronge's view is clear. Israel must sit still and subject itself to terrorism without fighting back, to fight back against the jihad is to fuel the flames of jihad. Of course he does not literally say this, but without realising it, he implies as much by telling us that this new war is only going to inflame the Muslims further and drive them to embrace Islamism. This is like saying that Churchill fueled the flames of Nazism by fighting back against Nazism. But it's one set of rules when fighting back against white European fascists and another set of rules when fighting back against Muslim fascists, at least where the Jews are concerned. The former is necessary, in the latter case, according to Ronge, Chamberlanian appeasement is the way to go. That will make the jihad go away apparently. Hey it didn't work with Hitler, but hey maybe it will be different this time around for the first time in history.

Since Ronge is an openly gay man, perhaps he will answer this question for us - does he support the view of his editor at the Sunday Times, who called for South African Jews to apologise for the killing by Israel of the high-ranking Hamas terrorist Yassin, who among other things sanctioned the killing of homosexuals as a religious duty?

Does he also share the Sunday Times's high praise for Yasser Arafat (see the ST's tributes to him upon his death) who besides routinely calling for Israel's destruction by jihad, and praising suicide bombers as martyrs, likewise sanctioned the execution of homosexuals. So much so, that Palestinian homosexuals largely flee if they can in order to escape persecution, being beaten up, tortured and killed; many of them to what is their personal Mecca of shock gasp Tel Aviv and other Israeli towns where a small but open homosexual community with their own sub-culture thrives.

Can Ronge inform us why his editors at the Sunday Times likewise do not ask SA's Muslim community to apologise for the state-sanctioned execution of homosexuals in Iran for example? Did Ronge not see the pictures of two Iranian teenage homosexuals crying with fear, being led to their state execution, for their "crime" of homosexuality? Perhaps the paper he writes a column for every week can't find the print and picture space for that, what with all the coverage given to tributes to a jihadist terrorist like Arafat and the massacre in Jenin that never happened and much more along the same lines.

Does Ronge think that Israel fighting back against "the Party of God" in Lebanon, who like their Iranian backers, santion the killing of homesexuals and the honour killings and oppression of women, is going to drive Muslims to embrace the killing of homosexuals, and honour killings of women and girls as a sacred duty? Since this pathological homophobia and misogyny is inseperable from Islamism as a whole, indeed it is integral to Muslim radicalism; are Bush and Blair also feeding the flames of hatred of homosexuals and of women too, by daring to allow the Jews to fight back against the self-same Islamists?

Is Israel's targeting of Hezbollah's rocket launchers and their fighters and the infrastructure that Hezbollah depends on in a war Hezbollah and their Iranian and Syrian backers started, with the tacit support of the Lebanese govt, going to drive Muslims the world over to sanction in the name of Allah, the throat slitting of gay men and women and the stoning to death of women and girls for not being "chaste" in the mullahs and imans eyes?

Since self-confessed Islamists in principle support the practice of Sharia law and this unequivocally means the persecution of homosexuals and the oppression of women; Ronge's notions - if followed through on their implications to the irrational and illogical claptrap conclusions they lead to - clearly implies that Bush, Blair and Israel are going to drive Muslims to homophobia and misogyny. After all such bigoted attitudes are a fundamental part of the irreducible whole of Islamism Ronge is so desperate to have the West and Israel appease.



Lawrence, you've made my day. I so hope that got emailed off to the Sunday Times and maybe even a few other South African newspapers.


Lawrence I couldn’t agree with your sentiments more. I have previously taken Barry Ronge to task pro-Islamist hypocrisy.

Check out

He reminds me so much of the intellectual Western communists during the cold war. They were happy to cheers on Soviet totalitarianism but only from the comfort of their own liberal democracies. Lets see how long old Barry would last living under the spectre of radical Islam. I promise you when he is facing the stoning squad, it will be a terrifying 10.

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