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August 09, 2006



But that's still Israel's fault, of course :/


Of course...


The Shiites seem to be fighting with everyone, even their own Muslim brothers...


Roy, Its actually very interesting the internal splits within Islam. They are much more significant that much of us realise. Sunni and Shites generally hate each other. The anomaly is that Syria which is Sunni is supporting Hezbollah which is Shiite. Al Qaeda which is also Sunni is also with Hezbollah. Many commentators like Thomas Freidman have been arguing that the west maybe able to pull Syria away from Iran and Hezbolah. The Sunni Shiite divide is one of the major reason why he believes this.


Syria is even more weird because the Al Assads are Alawites. And it was Sunni Muslims from the Muslim bortherhood who were massacred by Hafez Al Assad in 1982 (or was it 1980) in Hama. ABout 20 000 Sunni Muslims were killed.


In simplicity, the phrase "The enemy of your enemy is your friend" pretty much explains most of it....

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