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August 22, 2006



Oh dear. I fear that Stephen Mulholland may have a Fatah against him now. Pity, I liked him.

Nili Scham

Brilliant article - at least we know that some people, despite all the bias, can see the truth and are willing to stand up for it!


Yes, it was a brave article. Should watch the letters pages at the Citizen for the backlash!

There are a handful of columnists/opinion piece writers in SA that see the truth.

Peter Fabricius is one. He writes for the Independent newspapers. Really good.

But its just a sober handful amidst a myriad of appeasers/anti-western hate mongers.


Derikboy must mean a FatWa. I think "Fatah" means "victory" if I can trust my rusty Arabic. And "Hamas" literally means "violence" in the ancient Hebrew of Genesis. A blogger once issued a secular Fatwa against those who threaten our freedom.


You really know your stuff Infidel. Hopeful it will serve you in good stead if ever the radical Islam wins and a black burqa descends on Southern Africa.


There are actually 1.4 billion arabs, not 14 billion. ;-)


Eish! Roy meant to say 1.4 billion Muslims. There are probably around 300 million speakers of Arabic, some of which are "nasara" (christians) like the Copts.

Mike, "al-maut efdal min azzimi" - better dead than dhimmi. Like King David said: "Gam ki elech b’gai Tzalmavet lo ira ra ki atah imadi."


Derikboy did mean "Fatwa", which is the "I'm going to kill you all costs in the name of peace" or something.

For the non-hebrew here... what does "Gam ki elech b’gai Tzalmavet lo ira ra ki atah imadi." mean?


Its a quotation from the Psalms...

"Even though I walk in the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for You are with me”

That even in the valley of the shadow of death we must still find God for He is with us.



King David had it easy though. Lets see him walk in the south african valley of the shadow of death fearing no evil!


Ummm...just for interests sake - please note that the comment posted above was not posted by me.


how do the handful of intelligent courageous journalists in our country like Mulholland manage to work with the dhimmi brain-dead SA media without pulling out their hair or worse?

I see that Syria is banging the war drums and remember that some of its scuds are armed with VX nerve gas. Not that you will read that in the SA media, too pissed off with the Jooooos for daring to fight back (incompetently or not) against the jihad.

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