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August 14, 2006


Barry Atkins

I wholeheartedly support Israel's right to defend itself against terrorist aggression and hope they get to a stage where the enemies of Eretz Israel finally give up their wish to annihilate the only true democracy in the Middle East and sit down and negotiate an enduring peace. Amen

jeff broude

I support Israel 1 zillion percent.

It is becaouse of the obfuscation of pseudo intellectuals of that ever corrpt left wing abberrant bunch that we are in a constant battle against evil. Their abject inability to see reallity only allows for the unchecked spread of of evil.

The left wing of Israel is a prime example. a motly bunch of wingers that spent a decade in bed with Arafat and Oslo. Any fool can see that it only allowed Terrorists to embed in Lebanon and elsewhere. Now this bunch of SA pseudo's condem Israel trying to stop the carnage of its civilians.

What abject immorality. To my humble mind either they think they are going to get a huge political or financial payout or they are just plain dumb,or both.

Lawrence Fane

I support Israel now and forever.

I agree with the sentiments of Joshua Rudolph above - There could potentially have been thousands more of Lebaneese civilian casualties in the last 4 weeks. Israel tries to MINIMISE civilian deaths unlike the various terrorist organisations that intend to MAXIMISE civilian casualties.

Israel looks after civilians - both its own and the rest of the world (Lebanon included)

Gavin Marcus

I support

ella g

i support Israel 100% now and for ever


I live now in Eretz Yisrael and feel very gladdened to see the support offered by the VAST Majority of South African Jews and Gentiles. I have a general rule, "Take it from whence it came." We in Israel have no time for a few pathetic unJewish Jews blabbering off... The Majority Speaks BUT must be HEARD!
AM YISRAEL CHAI... We are waiting for you to visit or join us....

Candice Milun

I and my family support the IDF and its right to defend us. May they and all of Klal Yisrael be blessed with shalom and brocha...
Candice Milun

Nathaniel Cohen

Israel like any nation has a right to defend itself when under attack.
May all those who are against our country see the light!
Am Yisroel Chai!!!!

Udi Falkson

During my lifetime, there has never been a more black and white situation in which Israel is so clearly doing the right thing. They have the right to defend themselves and they must not allow such an evil, terrorist organization to survive after so brashly attacking its soldiers and civilians. Israel must succeed in its task, and we should be helping it do so, for if it does not, the whole world is in big trouble.


In support of Israel

Anthony Cohen

I wholeheartedly support Israel's right to defend its citizens, soldiers and borders; the active seeking out and destruction of terrorists in the middle east; and the above declaration, -Beyachad Bekoach

Eiran Gordon

I support this declaration.
Am Yisrael Chai!

M. Glee

agree with comment about how black and white this is. and I'm not even Jewish, but allow me too to support this declaration.

Grant Cohen



I support Israel

jonty sacks

1005 support


I totally support Israel and all they are doing. They are merely defending themselves.


Israel is here to stay. No one will push Israel into the sea, but they can and will try. I support Israel 100%.


How can Israel be expected not to defend itself against people who strap bombs to their children instead of nurturing and caring for them as all G-d's children should be looked after?? I SUPPORT!!!

Steve Bird

Support from someone who doesnt belong to any religion.

jade blumberg


Dana Bensky

I support Israel's defensive action in Lebanon

Martin Zlotnick

I support Israel and the right to defend ourselves.

Never again will we as Jews allow another Holocaust.

To those so called " Jews " like Kasrils in SA , stop trying to appease the Arabs and remember where you come from.

Those so called friends of yours will stab you in the back , we as Jewish brethern will not forsake a fellow Jew in need.

Martin Zlotnick
Perth Australia


I support Israel wholeheartedly

Mark R

Never again. If the world non-jewish community does not want to support Israel then I suggest they read the final book of the new testament (Revalations). Their supposed sympathetic support of Islamic fundamentalism will accelerate that which they fear most - Armageddon!!!

Thank G-d for Israel, the IDF and those brave people standing up for Jews worldwide. Enough is enough. Peace will only be gained by a fully supported and committed denouncement of all attacks on Israel. If not, turn everything from Beirut to Teheran into a nuclear wasteland!

David, Andrea, Gillian and Mandi

We support Israel wholeheartedly. Our prayers and thought are with everyone in Israel.

Jon I

Israel did not start this war-but they will win it--I am fully supportive

Lindsay Christie

I COMPLETELY ENDORSE the action taken by the State of Israel to once-and-for-all rid the Land of Israel from the unrelenting threat of TERRORISM against its citizens and occupants.

Further I am TOTALLY ASHAMED of South African Jews who will side with the enemies of ALL Israel (Diasporah included) against all Jews,be they religious or secular.


Adam R



I support Bush, Blair, and Olmert

Len Wolpert

When the provocations stop the "invasions" will stop!


I wholeheartedly Israel's right to defend itself



Bernie and Lily

We strongly support Israel.

Antony M

I support truth
I support Israel

Fortunee Capelluto

I support Israel 100%. Nobody has their rights threatened.


I support Israel

R. Stevens

I support the Israelis.


I support Israel's right to defend itself against the jihadist terrorists who openly and proudly call for the annihilation of millions of Jews, and shame on the SA govt, media and those like-minded whose stance on this conflict is one that - inadvertently or not - can only offer aid and comfort to Islamic terrorists and their supporters; fanatics who unambiguously and by their own admission value solely the destruction of all civil liberties and civil rights, including the civil and human rights of women and gays, the denial of freedom of association, of speech, of secular values and all liberty, the destruction of Israel, and the ultimate conquest and suservience of the non-Muslim world to the perverse dream of a worldwide Islamist theocracy.

Just ask them.

David Levy

I support Israel all the way

Jason Lapidus

As a great Rabbi (ZTL) once said, "Rather a strong Israel hated by the world, than an Auschwitz loved by one and all"

Dawn Levin


Lior Chait

I support Israel


I Support Israel!
I Support Peace!


I strongly support the declaration and hope that people who read it will gain a better understanding of the situation in the Middle East. We should all stop for a moment and give thought to the families on both sides losing loved ones in a war not necesarily of their choosing.

Brett Chatz

Not only do I fully support the right of Israel to defend herself, but I support the right of Israel to take pre-emptive action against terrorism. The Jews of the world have a homeland; we have a country which we can all call home. We must viciously safeguard this sacred homeland of ours. We must lend our voices to the Israeli cause. Strength, courage and honour are what built Israel and it will take as much to maintain Israel's existance.

Shelley Isaacson

I support Israel...AM YISRAEL CHAI!!


Am Yisrael Chai - Israel has the right to defend Jewish life and limb , whatever it takes.

Theo Kopenhager

This is an existential emergency for both Israel and the Jewish people. We do not need the world's tears after the catastrophy, we must protect ourselves before it occurs.

shmuel lasker

August 12 2006
Being Jewish means not apologising for other nation,s problems.Please folks do not under circumstances give into to threats ,bullying etc, from Islamic Fascists or their ilk as we
are definitely not a nation(religion)of cowards ,unlike certain Lebanese politicians
etc.Remember UNITED WE STAND against all the YISROEL chai

Derek Ossip

I support everything Israel does

Alex Zingol

Total support for Israel's actions.


Master Peace

Always keep to hand the five fingers of Fraudulism

Michal Cohen

May G-d give us strength & resolve.

I support this.

Gillian Davis of Houston, Texas, USA

I've been a Zionist all of my life but never have I felt so strongly about Israel! How can we not support Israel in this war of survival?


Not Jewish..... but support Israel fully!

Terri Haarburger

I support Israel now and FOREVER!!

Orri Ben-Nathan

עם ישראל חיי!!!!!!!!

yaron kalmonowitz

we just want peace and the truth. am yirael chai. israel--- we support you

Rachel Jacobs

I support everything that israel is doing in the middle east


I am 100% behind the actions taken by Israel. As for that disgusting letter signed by those Jews, I thnk that every single one of the should be ostracised from every Jewish community. The are a disgrace to the Jewish people.

Diana Finzi

As a resident of Israel for the past 18 years I endorse every word written in this statement.As a South African who lived in the apartheid era I am sad that the broad minded people who signed the first declaration are unable to maintain their caring liberal stance for their own people too.


I support Israel and am so appreciative to the israeli soldiers who put their lives on the line every day to fight for our beautiful homeland that we all know and love.

Doron Kur

I totally support this declaration.

Peter Cohen

Totally and completely support

Marlon Gilbert

Totally support

Cindy Livshitz and son (Trent)      Perth Australia

AM YISRAEL CHAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rhett H

Support Israel 100%

Mark Cohen


Danny Trope

I support Israel 100%!

Allan Ganz

Support all the way. In fact until Hezbollah are wiped out, I will support, no matter the collateral damage.


I am a concerned Jew. Not because of "... Israel's totally disproportionate use of violence and callous disregard for innocent Lebanese lives" but rather because of a one-sided and blatantly biased South African media and a South African public who unquestioningly swallow what they are fed.

I support this declaration

Shirley Shalev

"As long as the Jewish spirit is yearning deep in the heart,
With eyes turned toward the East, looking toward Zion,
Then our hope - the two-thousand-year-old hope - will not be lost:
To be a free people in our land,
The land of Zion and Jerusalem."- (Hatikvah-Israel's national anthem).
I strongly support Israel.

Belinda Nussbaum

You've got my support!!!

Brian Gilder

I support Israel's right to exist and therefore support her inalienable right to self defense (ironically many people claim to support Israel's right to exist but then condemn every reasonable act of self defense). At the same time I condemn Hizbollah for firing rockets and locating themselves amongst civilian populations which is in blatant violantion of the Geneva convention and common decency.
I also believe that the Lebanese goverment have listed a great deal of the Hizbollah casualties as civilian casualties in order to maximise condemnation of Israel.
As long as Israel stands for justice may she prevail.

Urri Rubin

I strongly support the Israeli cause. Would like to add a personal note - the issue is not just about terrorisim. The fact is that some of the Arab countries / organisations call for the distruction of the Jewish state. Yet, Israel is axpected to negotiate / deal / give conssesions to them.

Who else in the world, would consider do so?


I was devastated to read the article by the South-African Jews of which I am one. I was even more devastated when I recognised a couple of names. Do they know the facts? How dare they preach love and peace when Israelis are being murdered by terrorists who hide behind women and children?
I support Israel 100%!!

nick jude

I strongly support Israels initiative in Lebanon.

Ellen Zolty

I strongly support Israel and what she is doing - ultimately on behalf of all of us Jews.


Victor Gordon

My unequivocal support, always and forever. May Hashem bless them all

We support Israel and her actions.
posted by Jack Joan and family in Melbourne

Darren Sheer

i support

Joel Pollak

I support the declaration, and I support Israel's efforts to live in peace with her neighbours, as well as to defend her citizens from unprovoked attack.

Julia Bertelsmann

I support the declaration. The principle behind Israel's withdrawal from territory should be this: if Israel withdraws to internationally recognised borders, and those borders are breached, Israel and the world must deal a decisive and immediate military blow to the aggressors in retribution for their raids.

Julia Bertelsmann

I support the declaration. The principle behind Israel's withdrawal from territory should be this: if Israel withdraws to internationally recognised borders, and those borders are breached, Israel and the world must deal a decisive and immediate military blow to the aggressors in retribution for their raids.

Justine G


Lance Berger

I support this declaration

Gabi Gluck

This is a time that the Jewish people need to stand together as one, 'ke'ish echad b'lev echad'. Unity has proven to be an essential element to the continued survival of the Jewish people.

Ariel Ben Yonatan

I support this!

Ronnie Mink

I agree with every word of this declaration. Kol hakavod.
Israel has every right in the world to defend herself, which seems contrary to the views of a few self-hating Jews.


Strongly support.
Israel has every right to defend herself from an enemy hellbent on the destruction of the Jewish people, regardless of what the rest of the world has to say!

Ivan Kapelus

In every generation a Jewish community has faced the threat of annihilation. When the threat has been ignored it has been shown to only too real. Hitler advised the Jews and the world what he intended and everyone thought it was rhetoric. It was not. When Hassan Nasrullah says he wants to destroy Israel he means just that. No country can or should tolerate the violation of its sovereignty as perpetrated by Hezbollah. The Hezbollah terrorists do not wear uniforms (a war crime), place their weapons and fire those weapons from civilian areas(a war crime) and Israel is condemned for defending its people.

Many of the signatories calling themselves "concerned Jews" have long since abandoned any pretense of being part of or of associating with the Jewish Community of SA.

Israel is doing what it must do. We Jews would be in a sorry state if there was no Israel. History has shown that we Jews can never expect others to defend us. It is only Israel and Jews themselves that can defend the Jewish people from whatever threat we face.


I strongly support the decleration


I strongly support the decleration
What the totally misguided "not in our name" petitioners fail to understand is the following

Hizbollah is guilty of war crimes -

They remained an armed miltia secreting advanced weapons from Syria and Iran when a UN mandate demanded their disarmament.
For years they placed their arsenal in and amongst civillian populations.
They crossed an international boundary to start a war
They fired missiles at CIVILIAN targets in Israel FROM CIVILIAN areas in Lebanon.
They intentionally sought to kill Israeli civilians, and when they did they danced in the streets

The misguided "not in our namers" should look at the true issues facing the Middle East. The rise of fanatical ISLAMIC FASCISM which grows in the slums of all those Arab nations whose despotic rulers exploit their natural resources at the expense of their own populations.

It seems that once again self hating Jews have fallen prey to their own self loathing and the disingenious media manipulation of a people whose overtly expressed political agenda is the destruction of Israel and Judaism.

History tends to repeat itself and if Israel and world Jewry does not unite to protect themselves then we will once again all be victims - including the "not in our namers" who in the eyes of our enemies are also hated Jews marked for destruction.


I strongly support our beloved country and what she stands for, and am 100% behind the government and soldiers, may Hashem bless Israel, her people, soldiers and all their families. Wish that all the tv coverage was as pro Israel as it was pro-Hizbollah. Is there no way that Israel could promote tv coverage promoting herself so that people from all over the world would know more about how her army operates and the true stories of its humanity?

Tony Traub

I strongly support Israel. Israel is treated like a criminal state to whom the normal rules do not apply. Just like the USA is allowed to send bombers into places 1000's of miles from their own borders, so Israel is entitled to defend its own borders from rockets and attacks.


I support

Tony Traub

I strongly support Israel. Israel is treated like a criminal state to whom the normal rules do not apply. Just like the USA is allowed to send bombers into places 1000's of miles from their own borders, so Israel is entitled to defend its own borders from rockets and attacks.

Eddie R


Darren Bobroff

It is a disgrace that the likes of Ronnie Kasrils even considers himself jewish as his anti semitic propaganda is equivalent to that of nazi propaganda. These anti semitic so called jews should be stripped of their jewish identity if their actions havent already done so. If these persons belong to any shul which is extremely unlikely they should be barred from attending. They will destroy their own people for the sake of political recognition with our enemies but when they are destroyed by our enemies it will only be the jews who come to their aid.

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