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August 14, 2006


Wally Miller

*Editor's Note:

Please scroll to the top of this page to read our declaration and scroll down to the bottom in order to post your message of support.

If you are struggling to post your message of support then please send an email to [email protected] and we will post it for you.


Jacob Miller

Support (South African living in Canada)

Candice Miller



Support from a non-Jew (but from a Jewish family)


I support


I support

Michael Kransdorff

strongly support

gary shapiro

I support Am Yisrael

Justin Blend

I support.
2 lines- If the Terrorists laid down their weapons today there would be immediate peace.
If Israel laid down their weapons, their would be no more Jews in this world.

leanne salant

I support Israel, and the fight to retain Israel's existence!

Shirley Rubenstein

Very strongly support Israel's right to live in peace and to defend itself

Steven Magid

I support this declaration.

Dalit Marom

Strongly Support

Sihle Phule

You have my support - from a Christian who doesnt support any side over the other but just wants peace.

Gabi B


David Ronthal

I stongly support Israel's defensive action in Lebanon, May G-d bless all the brave soldiers of the IDF.






I support Israel's defensive action in Lebanon


I strongly support Israel!

Jonathan Lurie

Strongly support



Galia Durbach


Stephen K

i support Israel's right to defend its people and country

Benny M




Rolene Marks

I strongly support this!

Marc Whittington

I support Israel's defensive action as well as her offensive action in an attempt to rid Lebanon of Hezbollah.

I call on Christians to also sign this declaration especially the large Christian Lebanese community in SA.

Steven Kransdorff

i support



Robert Zagey

How can we have peace when they deny our right to exist in the first place. Peace for them constitutes just them!

Gavin Oster

Strong support for Israel. Israel is a nation defending itself against extremists. Which other country would not defend itself?

Danny Joffe

The brave soldietrs of the IDF are fighting for all jews all over the world to keep other Jews in israel secure and our homeland secure for when other Jews want to come. I pray that Hashem should be with them and ask that all jews should see this as an oppurtunity to better themselves in their jewish observance as these things are not coincidences, we are being told to improve ourselves.


Never Again!! I support Israel

Peter Dorfan

I stongly support Israel's defensive action in Lebanon

Maish Stein

The IDF are fighting the war for all peace loving nations.


I Support Israel very strongly!!!!

Nicole Sacks

Strongly support Israel's actions to defend its citizens and our freedom

Cohen D

I support Israel



Michelle F

Strongly support

Andy Shub

I strongly support Israel.

Rabbi Ari Shishler

I strongly support Israel's defensive actions in Lebanon. May Hashem grant them swift and decisive success, which will bring true peace to the region.


I strongly support Israel's actions

Ivy Hesp

I unconditionally support Israel's right to defend itself

Howard Croock

I strongly support

Steve Zagey

I strongly support our right to defend ourselves.

Neville Starkowitz

I support every movement that the IDF makes in this war against terror! If no-one else does, then who will?! I stand behind Israel 100%


I support


I Strongly support Israel and her actions.

David K



Strongly support

Miriam, from Australia

I support Israel and her necessary actions against this murderous Islamist tyranny. The world must wake up to the danger of Iran and Syria behind Hezbollah.

Ronen Goldstein

I strongly support Israel


The remarks and actions of the fundamentalist Muslim world (as well as many non-Muslims, worldwide) remind me of our not too distant past - WWII, where calls for the Jews to be wiped off the map were heard and supported.

The only difference is: - then we did not have an army, we did not even have a state to call our own. However, now we have both and we will not let the same thing happen again...

I fully and emphatically support Israel in its defensive and offensive operations in the Lebanon.


I support Israel 100000%

G*d bless them all.


Strongly support!


Strongly Support

Ryan Heitner

Any nation has a right to defend itself.

I have the utmost faith in the Israeli morality.

I also condemn the South African Govts response to the situation. There is NO collective punishment involved in this war. And no targeting of civilians.

The response of these Jews are incentives to terrorists to commit further acts of terror against innocent peace loving people.

shame on you !!!!

Peter  Gower

3 points :
1. How do you negotiate with people whose starting point is to attack you with a statement that they/their backers' object is your complete annihilation?
2. Israel has never deliberately targeted civilians, and goes out of its way to minimise these. Hezbollah makes civilians their prime targets.
3. Why are none of these people exprssing any regret at any of the human tragedies elsewhere in the world, where many more people are being mindlessly killed ?

Veronica Belling

I strongly support Israel's right to defend its very existence.


History has unfortunately shown what will happen if the Jewish Nation does not defend itself. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will ALWAYS support Israel.


I support!

Am Yisrael Chai.
No concessions!

Justine J from Vancouver

Whilst I do not support Israel's presence in the occupied Palestinian territories I do support Israel's efforts to dismantle Hizbolla.

I support that the killing must stop from BOTH sides.


I support this declaration

Dan Shevel

What type of animal sacrifices it's own child on an alter fashioned from hatred? This is the face of Jihad.

Those bunny hugging fools who put their names of that bleeding heart, fuzzy thinking, leftist nosense should be ashamed of themselves.


I fully support Israel and their response is totally justified!


To all the brave men and women of the IDF. You are not only fighting for Israel but for the entire Jewish nation.We all support you!!! ECHAD BISHVIL KULAM ! KULAM KULAM ! KULAM BISHVIL ECHAD!


support Israels right to defend itself

Mike Kalk

Israel has my support

Natalie Ginsburg

I am an Israeli who came here from South Africa in 1963 and live in Jerusalem. I do not support the occupation of the West Bank and I think it was the wisest thing to leave Gaza with all the problems involved. I support the war in Lebanon although I do not know if we did the wisest thing in involving ourselves to such an extent. But there is not one word in this manifesto that I do not support.

Elliot Shevel

Kasrils and the other appeasers say "Peace is only possible when antagonists start talking on the basis of a just solution for all". Anyone who puts their name to this vague and misleading statement, either has no understanding of the core issues, or doesn't give a damn whether Israel survives or not. The moment that "a just solution for all" includes the universal recognition of Israel's right to exist as a sovreign nation at peace with its neighbours, there will be peace. Until then, Israel has to react to every act of aggression with a "Yad Chazak".

Sandy Geffen

I strongly support!

Ethnie - Perth


I disagree with some of the sentiments in the above comment but am glad that people from the left and right can unite around the element that this boils down to - Israel's existence.

But this time its back to pre67 - its not about an occupation. Its about our right to live in Israel.

Sandy Geffen

I strongly support!


I strongly support!


I strongly support!

Darren Horwitz

I fully and unconditionally support Israel's right to defend its borders,its citizens and its existence.

May G-d bless Israel and may our soldiers return home safely


I absolutely support Israel is disarming and standing up against these terrorists

Leon Ettin

I strongly support

Bev, Bolnick

I strongly support!

Oscar Goldstuck


Mandy Yachad

I absolutely, unconditionally and without apology support Israel in its right to take whatever measures are necessary to defend its people and the holy land of Eretz Yisroel, including going beyond its borders, where and when needed, to do so.


I support Israel's defensive action in Lebanon 100%. The Hizbollah should be blotted out of the World for ever.
May G-d bless Israel and may our soldiers return home safely

L. Gower

Israel was attacked and is constantly having to defend her position... if she puts her weapons down the land will cease to exist.

Doron G

I strongly support Israel's right to defend herself

Naresh Govinder

support from a hinjew. don't forget the Bomb in india just before this war. over 200 killed in one go.

I support the statement


Strong support!


I agree (English, but family live in South Africa)

Avril Wolpert

I support Israel 100%

Lance Kibel

I support the declaration.

I support peace for lebanon when they stop harbouring terrorists.


As an ex-South African New Zealand Jew, I support this declaration

- Evan


A very balanced declaration that has my full support.

Mark Cohen

There is a time for peacemaking and a time for war and unfortunately our enemies demand that this is the time for war.

There is no occupation of Lebanon.

I support this very balanced declaration.

Osher Ben Nathan


Mervyn Myers

I strongly support Israel's right to defend the safety of its citizens.

Larry M

I fully support the actions taken to dimantle terrorisist groupings whose sole purpose is to create fear, destruction of life and the dismantling of the social fabric through the creation of an environment of fear and death in the Israeli civilian population. It is necessary to fight fire with fire and those who shirk from that stance are tacitly supporting the actions of these terrorist groupings. I wait daily to find out whether my civilian family, who live every moment of every day with rockets falling upon them from Hezbollah, have survived the day, as they are amongst the deliberately targeted civilians by Hezbollah. Am Yisrael Chai- Echad Bishvil Kulam, Kulam Bishvil Echad!!

Helen Dufner


Tyrone Rubin

I will always support Israel!

Hugh I. Courts

It is not apparent if the WHOLE of the offensive letter was re-printed above. Context has a lot of meaning. I accept your Declaration at the head of this note entirely. But we must not be blind to Israel's mistakes when made, whether historically or currently, but must try to correct them, preferably privately,but sometimes necessarily publicly. One who supports you, right or wrong, is no friend.

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