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July 02, 2006



Well Totten seems to have found one.

Your graphs from Pew are simply mind-boggling!


Thanks Trevor. Thought that article was very interesting.

The Kurds have long been a force of religious moderation in the Muslim world. Unfortunately I don’t know how globalised their interpretation of Islam is. There is talk on the fringes of the American administration about establishing an independent Kurdish state in Northern Iraqi if the civil strife continues. Many believe it could serve as a model of how democracy and Islam can co-exist. Don’t know if Arabs will buy into that.

There is an interesting debate of what model moderate Muslims should use to establish democratic societies. Bernard Lewis is a huge proponent of the Turkish model (secularism). There are others who argue an Islamic and democratic state is also possible. The Kurds would seem to be championing this approach. Honestly I am a little more sceptical of the latter.

Ultimately, the West needs to support all moderates (religious or secular). They need to become the political icons of our age. Unfortunately how many moderate Muslims can you name? This is my passion and I would struggle to name more than 10.

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