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July 02, 2006



I suppose Kalvari - like Zapiro- feels the need to prove he is a 'cool Jew' who supports Islamic terrorism.


I did read Kalvari’s letter in the Jewish Report and was horrified. Does any one know if he is the same Damon Kalvari from 702? I hope not. My worst was his contention that Jewish children are as indoctrinated as Islamic fundamentalists. How many Jewish suicide bombers do you know? Then his claim that radical Islamists are not terrorists but rather engaged in a national liberation struggle against American and Israeli imperialism. Its was almost like a caricature of a radical Leftist. Straight out of David Horowitz’s Unholy Alliance.

I was also extremely impressed by Gary Selikow’s response. Its unfortunate that more members of the Jewish community didn’t respond to his drivel. Well done Gary.


Thanks. I am sure he is the same Damon Kalvari from 702 as it is not at all a common name.

Damon Kalvari

Getting quoted out of context - so here's the whole letter.
Unbalanced Documentary.

I viewed a special pre-screening of a documentary film, "Obsession" this last week at the Killarney Mall. "Obsession" documents "Islamic Fundamentalism's" war against the West. This film hasn't been released commercially at this stage. The filmmakers hope to be doing that soon. I'm not so sure it's a good idea for this film to have wide-spread access. I found the film unbalanced and gratuitously slanted, in fact hate speech.

"Obsession" illustrates the Muslim hatred towards Jews and Israel via numerous news clips on Arab television. Various experts and witnesses were also interviewed. The film never asks the question, "Why"? This is a very important question to ask. I do not believe that people act with such extreme violence and hatred for no reason. Why do these Muslim Fundamentalists hate Jews and Israel? And what are the possible solutions? What about asking questions about the possible increase in Jewish and, or Christian Fundamentalism?

The answer to these questions should at least be explored. It reminds me of growing up in the 70's and 80's in South Africa. I didn't know any white people who asked, "Why is the ANC banned?" Why does the ANC plant bombs?"

Video clips of young Muslim children shouting hate speech towards Jews and Israel is also there, illustrating the brain-washing in these societies. I can't help but feel that we are just as guilty of brain-washing our Jewish youth. Many Jewish kids grow up thinking that Judaism is far superior to any other religion. To this day, I often get the feeling that Jews look down on other religions.

To my utter dismay, "Obsession" draws parallels between Hitler and his Nazi regime with today's "Muslim Fundamentalism". How many Muslim countries have invaded another country since World War Two? How many countries has the USA invaded or meddled in since World War Two? This film doesn't even mention George Bush or American Foreign policy once. Does American involvement in the Middle East play no role in the Islamic backlash prevalent? The film twists the word "struggle" to fit with its agenda. The word "Jihad" means "struggle" or "struggle within." This film suggests an Islamic link to Hitler's book, "Mein Kampf" - "My struggle". The suggestion is that "struggle" has a commonality, therefore they are in the same bed together. You have to be a real ignoramus in order to swallow that drivel. I'm suprised a link wasn't made with the ANC's "Armed Struggle." Maybe that will be in the next sequel? This is pure hate speech. "Obsession" uses our Jewish hatred and fear towards Nazism in a most devious way. It is mischievous to put Hitler's Nazi practices in the same category as today's Muslim fight against the West. The film does have a prologue stating that most Muslims are peace-loving, and this film does not represent all Muslims worldwide. I seriously doubt this prologue diminishes the hate speech. It's like telling somebody you love them and then stabbing them in the chest.

If I had to sit and watch this movie with a Muslim person, I would die of embarrassment. If you see "Obsession", maybe ask yourself if you'd feel comfortable watching this movie with a Muslim. I think Muslim-Jewish relations in South Africa are relatively good. This movie could definitely harm the status quo, especially since the filmmakers are South African, or at least the Director/ Editor is, as far as I know.

The cinema audience that night was probably 99% Jewish. This audience responded to the film with admiration and applause. I felt like I was the only person who saw how flawed "Obsession" is. Has our Jewish community been so brain-washed to the extent that we are incapable of seeing the wood from the trees? Anyway, try catch it if you can, judge for yourself. It may be difficult, I doubt any distributor will touch it. It is available on DVD, if you know the right people.

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