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July 04, 2006



I wouldn't be taken in by their 'explanation' too fast if I where you. The Foreign Ministry can be quiet slimy in explaining their disgraceful policies. Like reffering to their silen approval of Mugabe's genocide in Zimbabwe as 'quiet diplomacy'.
The truth is that Sa is the most hostile nation to Israel outside the Arab world besides Cuba , Venezuela and North Korea.

It is aprt of an axis of evil that includes North Korea , Red China , Vietnam , Laos , Myanmar , Iran , Syria , Libya , Sudan , Zimbabwe , Cuba , Venezuela and Bolivia.


We not taken in - I promise you. Just that the criticism of the decision may need to be directed at a different angle.

We will explain later - trust us - we werent sold. But there are angles and differing levels of the criticism - which is still deserved.


Gary, another reason we are not publishing my conversation is that we need to independently verify what the official explained. The minutes of the meeting will provide us with the necessary corroborating evidence.

I do think you are way off line to include SA in the axis of evil. There are definitely problems with our foreign policy and democracy but it is ridiculous to lump us in the same group as North Korea , Red China , Vietnam , Laos , Myanmar , Iran , Syria , Libya , Sudan , Zimbabwe , Cuba , Venezuela and Bolivia. Your irrational position is no better than those who unfairly demonise Israel.


Not at all , Mike. SA wants to be associated with this axis of nations , it makes a huge thing of befriending them and votes their way in every international vote.
In fact some of these nations i mentioned voted FOR Israel's admission to the Red Cross. not SA.
DA Foreign Affairs spokesman has actually once called on SA to also concentrate on building up relations with countries that SA could benefit from like Australia , India and Germany and not just Cuba , Red China North Korea, Iran , Syria, Libya Venezuela and the PLO/HAMAS


I commend you for your work on this.

South Africa has a new respect in the world and her views tend to be noted.

One of Canada's largest unions recently voted for a resolution to boycott Israel.

They proudly published a letter of support from Willie Madisha of COSATU on their web site.

Resolution 50:

Wee Willie's weigh-in (pdf):


Thanks Greenmamba,

We have blogged about Willie before. He made the headlines with his inane comment that Apartheid was a Sunday picnic compared to Israel’s occupation.

The radical views of COSATU in relation to Israel and the West are of very real concern. They are an alliance partner with the ANC in government. But it is not certain how much influence they have on foreign policy. The ruling alliance in South Africa looks increasingly shakey. And many political pundits are predicting a split.

I am not really sure how one engages with organizations like COSATU on these issues. They come from such a strong ideological background. I don’t know if we will ever be able to convince them of the justness of Israel’s cause.


Here is that link for anyone interested.


Where is the link?


sorry -

its here - about Cosatu calling SA Apartheid a picnic.

and thanks greenmamba for those links.

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