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July 11, 2006



That's a great statement, you should've continued, and sent it to someone. Under the heading "Proposed ammendments to the SA Statement on ..." I think it would be a hit, even in the M&G :)


You forgot to mention the abduction and murder of the settler by Hamas in the West Bank


Allister Sparks reached a new low today even for him in the Cape Times quite openly and unashamedly comparing Hamas to the ANC in exile, fighting the apartheid govt (that's Israel see) - no kidding. Haniyeh is seen as a man to negotiate with, a man wanting peace, unlike evil Israel. It is an article so loathsome that it outPilgers Pilger and outFisks Fisk. The Cape Times and Sparks are now quite OPENLY AND UNAMBIGUOUSLY SUPPORTIVE OF HAMAS. This cannot be allowed to rest and 'More than Supernatural' must not just blog on this, letters to the CT are not enough, this is the last straw.

If this does not stir the SA JBD into a statement condemning Sparks and the CT then absolutely nothing will (I'm starting to think the CT and other SA media will be serialising the Protocols of Zion soon enough, and the Jewish Post would just shrug and ignore it).

Guys, you must contact Goldstein and others the JBD and whoever else - they must come out with a lengthy statement here pulling no punches re Sparks. This is abominable, we must do more!


Good post. However, we here are getting used to that kind of noise. Unfortunately.


Lawrence, I feel your frustration - trust me.

I wish I had more time to post but i have been very busy at work - that's not the only ridiculous article that I need to post on.

(This is just a part time hobby that Mike and myself do and we have no connection with any official Jewish bodies in SA so its not worth our while to contact anyone. Our goal is to alert people like you and inspire you to contact these people and to write sensible and responsible letters to the media etc etc)

On the Sparks article - check tomorrow for part 2 (the Star, Cape Time and other papers in the Independent group). But you know what to expect coming from a man in love with the romantic Hamas leadership.

We have taken Sparks to task before. Here's a search for Sparks on IAS.

What irritates me is how he compares the situation without providing reason for the comparison. he says "Thabo Mbeki who was also viewed as a 'terrorist'" - or something to that effect.

Just because the Apartheid government were wrong in calling President Mbeki a terrorist does not mean that that label is wrong wherever it is applied. Yet he expects his readers to buy into that non argument.


It is actually so depresssing and demoralizing the volume of anti-Israel hate speech in the media , both in SA and abroad , with virtually nothing to balnce it out.
Not only do we have several billion Muslims out to anihilate Israel we also have millions and millions of leftists around the world who would like to see Israel destroyed , and thousands of them are prominent figures in the media , academia and politics.
The Jews only have one country and it is the size of the Kruger National Park , but that is still too [email protected]#$^ much for so many people.

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