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July 13, 2006



I note that there clearly is some rivalry between Meshal and Haniyeh but that rivalry is within the confines of Hamas - not across it as is the case with Meshal/Haniyeh and Abbas of Fatah.


The Stern Gang, derisively named by the British for its founder, Abraham Stern, called themselves LEHI, the Hebrew acronym for the Fighters for the Freedom of Israel. One of their underground leaders, Yitzhak Shamir, went on to become Israel's prime minister. Some analysts draw a parallel between Hamas and LEHI, yet the old fighters I interviewed were outraged at the comparison. They insist that the perceived parallel ignores the most critical and morally significant distinction between the two groups: Only Hamas uses indiscriminate terror against women and children as a regular instrument of war, and encourages its followers to commit acts of martyrdom to aid its cause.

Amos, now 92, told me: "We didn't blow up cinemas in London. We could have, but we didn't want innocents to die. We never willingly killed the innocent." Irit, now 76, explained: "We never touched the families of high officers and we knew exactly where they were. It simply never entered our minds. It was important to hit only those who continued British policies, stopping us from establishing our nation." Eyal, 83, insisted that many LEHI operations were canceled when there was a risk to innocent civilians.

Yasmine, 78, recounted that by age 17, she had pasted forbidden LEHI posters on Jerusalem billboards, smuggled arms past British sentries, traced the movement of His Majesty's soldiers through Jerusalem streets, and ridden troop trains throughout Mandatory Palestine, recording their timing and movements in an effort to assist the sabotage campaign against the railroads. But "we didn't kill even one child," she told me.

Hamas has carried out dozens of bus and restaurant bombings in Jerusalem and all over Israel, targeting not soldiers and policemen, but families out to dinner or kids going home from school.


Well, both Hamas and the Irgun/Stern folks have the attitude that they should rule the land alone and the other side should disappear because God Told Them So.

Spider- can you back that up with information from people who were not members or supporters of that group? The members you quote only seem to talk about not killing *British* civilians, too.

And IMO it already says a lot that they were killing British soldiers while the British military was trying to stop Adolf Hitler from taking over the world. Wasn't the reason for the temporary split between Begin and Stern that Stern was willing to cooperate with Nazi Germany?

(To avoid misunderstandings: I completely agree with the main point of the post about he differences between the mainstream Zionist/Irgun relation and the Hamas military wing/Hamas political wing relations)


Even worse - he is comparing the Israelu government to the Hamas political leadership.


Raphael, if I remember correctly you are correct - Stern wanted to go against Britain at all costs and pondered the idea of a deal that would see him harming British naval interests against the Nazis. The deal never got off the ground.
And it did cause a split in Lehi.


Here's a link to Dyer's article.

He's absorbed the worst Arabist mentality from Canada and the U.K. His bio says he "served in 3 navies." I suspect he was a waiter and a bad one at that.


Thanks for the link


The difference between Hamas and Irgun is that Hamas are not foreigners to the land, Irgun and his gang were European invaders.

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