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July 13, 2006



the mind(lessness) of Allister Sparks (get the ref?) is not surpassed by any other deranged Lefty anywhere in the world. And that is saying a lot! Although he has millions of fellow pseudoliberal jihad supporting travellers with him every step of the way.

Daily Kos is openly dreaming of a world without Israel today. Ah the Left's alliance with the Islamic jihad, will be so much material for future generations of historians and psychologists and sociologists when and if a smidgen of sanity returns (has it ever been there?) to the world - I have long stopped being surprised by it, I just wish they (the so-called Left) would be honest about it and just say it out loud, "we hate you Jews and we hope Iran and Syria and Hamas finish off where the Third Reich left off and wipe you off the planet". At least their Hamas allies and the right-wing neo-Nazis are honest about their Jew-hatred. The Left are worse for their dishonesty, disguising their Jew-hatred as non-racism and human rights. All beyond Kafkaesque, beyond Orwellian doublethink. Words largely fail me.


it's important to understand the origins of the anti-Semitism of the Left, otherwise how to fight it? it's complex and I and others can't get to the bottom of it in ten lines, (books and articles on the subject of course but not all understand the roots of the problem here, Foxman gets it all wrong) but a helluva lot of it has to do with the belief that capitalism is a Jewish plot - the Jew as greedy Shylock, also the influence of Soviet era rhetoric on the Western Left or what passes for it, of course the anti-semitism of the old Soviet Union a continuation of the old anti-semitism of Czarist Russia. Also guilt in the Christian world over the Holocaust and other crimes against Jews, desperate to believe the worst about Israel and the best about its enemies so they don't have to feel so bad about the Christian world's crimes against Jewry. They got what they deserved kinda thinking. Everybody identifies with their culture and nation and thus their culture's past is a cause either for pride or shame. Just in case somebody writes what did people born after WW2 have to do with the Holocaust. In other words (among other reasons) anti-semitism persists because of and not inspite of the Shoah. It feeds off its own horrific consequences.

Muslim anti-semitism has its own distinct roots of course.

yes I know plenty of you know all this.


In Jack Bloom’s book, Out of Step, he made an interesting observation. The difference between the neo-Nazi right and the extreme anti-Zionist Left is extremely small. Both believe that the world is controlled by a handful of people who exploit their power to enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else. The left call them corporate capitalists. The Neo-Nazi right just add that these capitalists are Jewish. The Left use the more political acceptable term Zionists.


Although I hate all anti-Semites , I hate the leftwing variety far more than the rightwing Neo Nazis because at least the rightwing anti-Semites are honest that they hate Jews and don't sicken us with hypocritical BS that they are not anti-Semitic but only anti-Zionist (Barf...) in other words they only hate Jews who live in Israel and they only enjoy the murder of 'Zionist' children , as if living in Israel makes a Jew fair game for hate and murder. mind you you can only expect that those who supported Mao , Pol Pot , the Old Soviet Union and took the side of evil on every issue would side with Satanic Islamic terrorists.
The Marxist Left definitely have a Satanic impulse towards supporting the dark side.


It is clear to see that those forces who oppose the modest claims of the Jewish people to a small homeland , are the same forces who oppose democracy and freedom throughout the world.
today it takes the form of the battle for the soul of the world between the believers in Judeo-Chrisitan/Western/democratic values on the one side and the hard left/Islamic alliance ,whose ultimate aim is the total destruction of Judeo-Christian and Western civilization , on the other.
The recent 'anti-war marches' in the West where organized by the Workers World Party, which supports suicide bombings against Jewish women and children, as well as supporting every brutal dictatorship on this planet.
The United Nations is dominated by a lobby of nations who are a collectivity of every brutal dictatorship on this planet. They support totalitarianism as a principle and are always the most vociferously anti-Israel
Throughout the world the universities are dominated by these same forces who justify every tyrant regime and terrorist organization as part of the battle against the cardboard bogeys set up by the left : 'colonialism' , 'imperialism' and 'globalization'.
Thus they will use the struggle against ‘colonialism’, 'imperialism' and 'globalization’ to justify and encourage the killing of Israeli women and children, and totalitarian brutality in regimes such as Red China, Cuba, Libya , Syria , Zimbabwe , Venezuela etc.
It is no wonder that these forces which have no respect for human life will terrorize students on campus who don’t conform to their sick and twisted ideas.


Oh , and the counterparts of the Satanic Workers World Party in South Africa are COSATU and the SACP.


Does anybody in SA have an address for Sparks?

I have his book (here in Canada) that my mom bought me for my birthday in 1990. I'd like to send it back to him with the realization that it's written by an imbecile.


«Carpe diem«

Mat Jones

Hi! My name's Mat Jones...i drew the Jabberwocky illustration you've posted as part of yr article. Just letting that be known since there was no artist credit anywhere near my illustration.

Glad you liked my work enough to use it


Hi Mat,
My apologies for the lack of credit. I wish I could even remember where we found the image. It is a wonderful drawing. You must be quite talented. Do you have a link to some other work of yours?

judy jablow

How do you handle the murderous deeds of Israel, which are also not figments of our imagination?

Discount Vibram Five Fingers

I definitely need to look up that chicken recipe for my girls! Those roasted veggies look delicious, too

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