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June 08, 2006



Brilliant post. I actually can not believe that any newspaper let alone a liberal one would publish that junk. Her premise is that Western women should be forced be servile in dress and behaviour in order not to offend religious Muslim men. Under the guise of cultural tolerance, she is in fact advocating cultural imperialism. In the end we will al have to confirm to the Koran in order not to offend any Muslims. Its absurd.


In Sharia law there are three types of second class citizens that do not have equal rights.

These are:
2)Non Believers

According to the Sharia as regards the above:
1) A slave's freedom can be bought
2) Nonbelievers can convert
3) For women there is no remedy. Sorry.

The author of the Mail and Gaurdian article clearly doesn't attribute much weight to the 'theory' that Squashing the voice of the Islamic female population for centuries is really the base of why Islam lost so much ground scientifically and eneded up getting klapped by the west. A klapping that is till continuing mind you...

They just don't get it.


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