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June 19, 2006



Hope your friend doesn't read your blog!


Well, there's nothing like a hint like this to ensure they make a better gift choice next time round...

Btw, welcome back Mike.


She is a big time liberal. But more of the popularist variety. As a rule we don’t discuss politics. She gets too upset about my positions.

She was in America on holiday during the presidential election campaign and phoned me from the Democratic convention. She bought me a whole bunch of anti-Bush badges. I think she hopes it might reform me.


Anti Bush badges and a Moore book. Thats just too funny.


And the badges weren’t even clever. They say something like 'Bush for 1 time president like his father'. No wander the Democrats didn’t win.


Please take a few minutes to read my review of Unholy Alliance.


Great review...


Ya great review Gary. You conclusively summarized all his points.

He has been totally demonised on the left for it. Even had a pie thrown at him at some college campus.


Just like Alan Dershowitz was demonized for 'The Case For Israel'
On a university campus he was surrounded by a threatening group of leftists and Moslems (the two go toghether these days like mould and slime) shouting slogans comparing Dershowitz to Hitler and Goebbels.

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