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June 26, 2006



Absolutely sickening. Can you provide a list of regimes that voted aginst admitting Israel


Unfortunately I haven't been able to find the comprehensive list. Nations and medical institutions vote.

Jordan voted against but Jordan Red CRoss voted for.

Saudi Arabia and their red cross voted against.

Egypt, Qatar, and Morocco voted against.


I am ashamed to be a South African today!


I know also that Mali , Cuba , North Korea , Libya and China voted against


Essentially the criminal regimes of the world voted against


Yeah...I mentioned China NK and Cuba. And then pretty much all the Arab or Muslim nations. And us.


Sa is part of an international criminal-rveolutionary-totalitarian club that includes North Korea , Red China , Vietnam , Myanmar , Iran , Syria , Libya , Sudan , Zimbabwe , SA , Namibia , Angola , Mozambiques , Tanzania , Equatorial Guinea , Tanzania , Venezuela and Cuba.


I am also most upset by the vote. I do believe there response would be that they voted against both countries and thus offended less people than if they would have voted for both parties.

Personally, I don;t buy it. It was a positive opportunity to show the support for existence of both nations.


Gersh, I think we need to ask them how admitting Israel to a humanitarian organisation is offensive to anyone? It’s totally symptomatic of cultural acquiescence. Every action is justified on the grounds of other countries cultural sensitivities. It’s ok to discriminate against Israel because the Arab/Islamic world just cant cope with Jews being treated equally. The ANC should know better. Racism can never be justified. It is the racist that must be forced to change, not us that must taint ourselves by accommodating his world view. Shame on South Africa.


I should clarify what I meant when I said that SA effectively cares more about eliminating Israel than creating a Palestinian state.

South Africa don't want to see any country eliminated. But that is the message they ended up sending despite their real intentions which were of an anti-Westerm nature that pandered to, as Mike said, the cultural sensitivities of the Arab and Islamic world.


We must remember that the vast majority of African States voted FOR Israel to be admitted to the Red Cross. SA was out of step with most of the world and even most of Africa , in the company , only of the Islamic world and a few Communist dictatorships.


Gary, do you have a complete list? would like to see it.


No , I am still trying to find one


Has anyone here phoned the S A Red Cross and asked for an opinion?


I phoned them this morning. The person responsible for PR knew nothing about it. She is trying to contact the president who was at the meeting. Will post as soon as I have any further details.


Well maybe Israel also should have voted against!

Maybe SA voted no because they think its outrageous that Israel accept second class status and accept the red crystal instead of the star of David.

Anyways, I have a theory around the emblem. they just want it to start CR. Cross, Crescent, Crystal-nacht.

Heh...just kidding.

South Africa has a very simple policy. Its not anti Israel in as much as its anti the West.


Several African countries have actually condemmned South Africa for it's anti-Israel bias: Ethiopia , Kenya , Uganda, Rwanda, Congo (DRC) , Cameroon , Ghana , Togo , Cote D 'Ivoire.


Do you have links to these condemnations?


Not really , it was in the Jewish Report a year ago.

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Sometimes news from South Africa make me feel bad about myself. What did I do for them? Nothing!

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