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June 20, 2006



I find the apology disgusting. The Ghanaians are capitulating to Arab pressure.

It was truly a remarkable thing John Paintsil did. He showed the world that the Jewish State is not the xenophobic racist entity its enemies claim. In Orwellian terms this was truly a revolutionary act.

But more importantly he rekindled in Jews, the kind of pride that they once unanimously felt about Israel. He has made many of us believe that Israel (warts and all) can be a light unto the nations. No apology, can take away the significance of what he has done.


Saddens me that anyone should have to apologise. If Israel had qualified for the finals, would they also need to keep their own flag under wraps? I'm insulted by Iran's flag yet it flies over Germany, in an official capacity, in all its glory!...where's the apology?'s not an issue of a flag - it comes down to the right of Israel to exist and how it's mere existence, and reminder thereof, is fundamentally apposed by the arabs


He also showed the world that you can come to Israel as a foreigner and be happy there.

That's how desperate we have become. So desperate for the rest of the world to realise that we can be quite normal.

We have a feeling that the whole world thinks that things like that can't be done in Israel.

"An African plays his pro football in Israel????? And he likes it there????"

Nigerian star Ayegbeni Yakubu also played pro football in Israel before his move to the English Premiership. Yakubu is one of the Premierships top strikers.

People are surprised about that when its really as normal as an African playing his pro Football in small European countries like Sweden.

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