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June 21, 2006



He prays for them and "would like them to be saved".

That is rather funny.



I'm left wondering whether the Three Sevens would have produced more of an uproar than the Swastika did.


what are the three sevens?


"what are the three sevens?"


GideonSwot, don’t know if you saw but the AWB still have an active website. My Afrikaans isn’t great, but saw an article their asking if the Jews were responsible for 9/11. They even have a bookshop. Can buy some of ET’s latest ‘freedom’ poems.


Yes Mike, I did see their website.

"asking if the Jews were responsible for 9/11"

While I lived in SA (94 – 98), one of the most amusing conspiracy theories widely bandied about by the AWB, were along the lines of the Jooz brainwashing FW DeClerk to end Apartheid: With Boers out of the way, and Blicks in power the Jooz would easily be able to plunder "Sarth Efrica's" resources.

However, the funniest joke themes at the time revolved around the "close-knit Boer community" – and how one gene fits all…


Iran has once again come under the spotlight of the international community’s scrutiny and condemnation. This time however, it is not only the uranium enrichment activities being conducted, but the continuing inflammatory sentiment being propagated by its leader, President Ahmadinejad. The comments made by the Iranian leader are well documented and fiercely anti-Semitic: “The existence of the Zionist regime is tantamount to an imposition of an unending and unrestrained threat so that none of the nations of Islamic countries of the region and beyond can feel secure from its threat.” This is but one of a myriad of anti-Israel statements made by the recognized and democratically elected head of state.
Add to these vitriolic statements President Ahmadinejad’s dogged determination to snub the international community by aggressively pursuing a nuclear enrichment program, and you have cause for alarm. Any leader of state who calls for the annihilation of another state and then continues to defy international recommendations is a ‘loose cannon.’ The world community must safeguard itself from rogue states with militant leadership. If he truly believes the Holocaust was a ‘myth’ then world outrage at Iran’s official position is not unfounded. It is this myth, he claims, which was perpetrated by Zionist sympathizers. Radical elements within the world continue to upset the delicate balance, a balance which can ill afford to be destabilized further.
A Nation of Survivors, known as Israel was founded through the Holocaust and officially established in the Middle East. This is undisputed and legally accepted by the world at large. The fact that Jews comprise less than a quarter percent of the world’s entire population ‘are a threat to the Islamic people’ is in essence merely delusional and unfounded rhetoric. Israel is the only truly functioning multi-party democracy in the region and while it has its problems, the Israeli electorate by and large is determined to see a peaceful transition to Palestinian self-determination in Palestinian territory. Israel has no desire to embark upon a program of mass expansion into the Islamic world and neither do they wish to see the destruction of any nation or religious entity.


Geez! dont know where to start, firstly to who ever said it was a "huge" swastika, well it was not huge, and the reason i know is because i actually went to Barkhuizen's house myself to see what the big fuss is about, and may i add that he is a deasent human being, that he is a artist, you can clearly see that just looking at him, and that there are more than just one side to a blown out of perportion story, and dont tell me you dont know that the media how small or big wont grab any thing that just looks like anti semitism and run the crap out of it, not to mention add some really juicy titbits just to spice things up a bit. Now should Barkhuizen painted that stupid sighn on his wall as part of his art work? NO! he should have known better, but hell does he know that now, YES! As far as praying for the Jews, so what the heck is wrong with that, let him pray for goodness sake atleast his doing something right. So lets see who has some really interresting things to say after may little imput on the whole swastika matter.

I know Barkhuizen personnally and know he is a druggie and shouting lunatic. He should be locked up in a mental place.

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