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June 19, 2006



Nice gesture, whatever he meant by it. How about if he'd whipped out and waved a Ghanaian flag and an Israeli flag, if he insisted on making his statement? Apart from what he said before the Cup (promising his team mates to celebrate with an Israeli flag), has Pantsil spoken to clarify his gesture?

Like you say, "Go Africa!"

The Ivory Coast is out, and Togo is out, but there's still Ghana, Angola and Tunisia.


He just basically said that he promised his team mates he would do it and that he loves his fans in Israel. He said that they do so much for him and now he wants to do something for them.

What you said was correct - we would never see Zidane wave the Spanish flag but i think its very different because he must know how persecuted Israelis feel.

He must know that what he was doing was in effect making a political statement. He lives there - he knows what the world thinks of Israel.

I just wonder if he told his Ghana team mates before hand because some of them could potentially have been irritates but they seemed ok with it.

It would have been better if he also waved a Ghana flag :-> But I dont think that what he did disrespected Ghana. What do you think?

The Ivory Coast were just unlucky to be drawn in the toughest of all groups. They would have proceeded from most other groups.

Vaz Lube

And Ghanaian Football Association apologised

FIFA says they don't have an issue. (interesting considering the fuss they made about Gaza stadium),,2-2035-2036_1954243,00.html

May explain the reason. What is new with Eyptian press?

Anyway I'm looking forward Ghana v USA match and want Ghana to progress to knockout stages.


G-D Bless John Pantsil . He is true righteous gentile.


Shkayach John Pantsil we are so proud of you!


Yes...Ghana have made it through. Go , Ghana , Go

Vaz Lube

And they are to play against Brazil in last 16 round. Looking forward to this match!


I wonder how South Africa will mange to get all their favoured 'rogues gallery-revolutionary club' friends into the 2010 World Cup: North Korea , Red China , Vietnam , Cambodia , Laos , Iran , Syria, Libya, Sudan , Zimbabwe , Mozambique , Angola , Venezuela , Cuba...The ANC is gonna want them all there regardless of their skill.


Oh yes add Belarus , Tanzania , Equatorial Guniea , Ecuador , Bolivia.

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