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June 11, 2006


Nili Scham

Steve I completely agree with you. It is unfortunate that civilians are victims, but untimatly Israel must respond to Kassam rockets. People must look more deeply at the true reason that Israel had to bomb the Gaza strip in the first place!

Its also important to note that Hamas have taken full responsibility for these 20 Kassam rocket. This untimatly means war - one government ordering the attack of another country. This just proves to the international community that these are Hamas's true intentions - violence!


It is always sad when children are hurt in war. In this case they have only their own leaders to blame , as the PA is involved in a war of agression to completely anihilate Israel and her people.
You cannot blame Israel for Palestinian casualties caused by Israel defending herself (if it was an Israeli missile , it could easily have been an Arab one-if it was the world and SA media will probabely not report that finding.)


One must also not forget the thousands of Israeli children killed and hurt by Palestinian terror (Leftists always defend this terror)
Not only do the rabid anti-Zionists who boycott and demonize Israel display gross and racist anti-Semitism , but they also responsible to a large extent for terror against Israeli women and children.
In his phenomenal book the anti-Zionist complex , Jacques Givet so accurately writes :
"'Dub a Jew a "Zionist" and any crime can be commited against him with the clearest of consciences".
Hence Arab massacres of Jewish old people , women and children is judged as acceptable by the anti-Zionists , as the victims are dubbed 'Zionists'.
It is entirely in keeping in the character of Islamists or rabidly leftist anti-Zionists that they should carry a rabid hatred of Israel to the point of defending the killers of Israeli children.
Givet refers to the massacres of Israeli children at Ma'alot and Kiryat Shmona in 1974 , by the Marxist Popular Front for the LIberation of Palestine. Recent years have seen the murders of hundreds of Israeli children by Arab terrorists.
The author points out to how prejudiced and unfair condemmnation of Israel in the United Nations has led to deeds: 'For moral denigration encourages physical elimination ; a few days after the adoption of the resolution of 10 November , 1975 , challenging the very existance of Israel , a bomb killed six young people (all of them refugees from Arab countries) in Jerusalem. The PLO forthwith claimed the credit for this feat , and justifying it by reference to the United Nations resolution , described it as "heroic" '

In more recent years , Irish poet Tom Paulin explicitly called for the killing of Jewish civillians in Israel .In an interview with the Egyptian paper, Al-Ahram Weekly Paulin claimed that Jewish settlers in Israel "should be shot dead". In an interview . Paulin, a leading anti-Zionist, called Brooklyn-born Jewish settlers "Nazis and racists", and insisted: "I feel nothing but hatred for them."
A few days later , a five year old Jewish girl , Danielle Shefi , was shot dead in the Jewish village of Adura, by Arab terrorists , as she cowered under her bed. They also shot her 2 year old baby brother. Journalists on the far left website indymedia openly gloated over and celebrated this murder.
In 2002 leftist anti-Zionist journalist , Richard Calland , wrote in South Africa's far left Mail&Guardian that he "quietly celebrates Israeli casualties".
Charlotte Kates , a law lecturer at Rutger University in New Jersey and an 'activist' of the pro-terror 'International Solidarity Movement' has endorsed the killing of Israeli children by Arab terrorists , calling Israeli children 'fair game'.

The same way , that the demonization of Jews by Hitler Goebbels and Der Sterner laid the way for the holocaust , I believe that the purpose of anti-Zionist propaganda is to pave the way for the genocide of Israel Jews , which would be justified , in the eyes of some Islamists and Leftists , as they are dubbed "Zionists".


to be honest I actually feel for israel here. I think israellis and palistinians are equally to blame for the trouble but we all know that the palestinians would love to kill 7 israeli citizens with their rockets if they were only strong enough.
but question. hoe do we know the killings weren't deliberate?


The Palestinian casualties can be compared to the German women and children killed when the allies bombed Dreseden during world War II
It is a result of the Palestinians own war to try to drive the Jews into the sea.


It is a mistake to assume it was an Israeli shell that killed the family on the beach.

The Israeli military appears perplexed by the event. Also recall that there is a Palestinian "Pallywood" industry. The inflammatory "Mohammed Al Dura" incident in 2000 was used for propaganda purposes and was almost certainly a frame-up.

In this case, it is surprising that a reporter was on the spot to film. Hamas has has also cleared up the debris to forestall an investigation. The media is only too keen to broadcast anti-Israel stories without checking their sources too closely.

It is also likely that Hamas were looking for a reason to declare the truce over and may have created this reason.

Don't play into their hands.


You are right greenmamba



The loss of innocent life is always regrettable. But intention is an important aspect in determining culpability. Israel did not deliberately target innocent civilians as Palestinians do.

I think this whole incident highlights the failure of the disengagement. As Steve pointed out how is Israel to respond to the Palestinian rocket fire? They unilateral withdrew from Gaza under the understanding that the Palestinians would then be held responsible for violence emanating from the strip. Yet they have done nothing to curb the barrage of fire on Israeli towns.

Firing rockets into Israel is an act of war. It is no longer an occupied people fighting for liberation. Israel has shown remarkable restraint in responding to this incessant fire. Any other country would have launched a full scale invasion long ago.

Clearly the Palestinians can not maintain security. Unless the international community takes on this role, the bloodshed will unfortunately continue.

Nili Scham

Mike I think that you are correct, and it is time that the Israelis went into Gaza and stopped these Rockets with force. In my opinion they have been withstraining for far too long. One of the objects of the disengagemenet was to be able to go into Gaza and respond to violence as a country defending her 'borders'.


Olmert won't send the troops into Gaza in a hurry becuase that would mean admitting the pull-out was a mistake to begin with.
Obviously it was. giving the Palestinians something for nothing emboldens them to believe they are winning , and Israel is under retreat.
And once they believe they are winning they will be ready to sacrifice thousands of their own people.
We will in the end have to re-take Gaza and any other land that is evacuated.
I do think it should be made clear that if the Pallies launch more terror against Israelis , their leaders like Haniyeh , Meshaal and Zahar will be assasinated by the IDF.


I still don't think the disengagement was a mistake. The fact that we shelled Gaza is a sign of our ability to take action we were previously prevented from taking.

We know that we fired 7 shells. Only 6 are accounted for. Those risks prevented us from shelling Gaza when our own people were living there.


If you where living in Sderot , you might feel differently
It is only by Hashem's miracles that we have been spared fatalities by the kassams the Arabs are sending in everyday.

If you where living in Sderot , you might feel differently It is only by Hashem's miracles that we have been spared fatalities by the kassams the Arabs are sending in everyday.

Can't argue with that.

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