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May 15, 2006


Nili Scham

On a similiar note, Palestinian gunmen raided a Gaza cellphone company in protest of their phones not working. They later opened fire, 'mortally wounding' 10 computers. Sounds awefully familiar to how South African security guards deal with their issues!

Unbelievable how terribly the Palestinians are dealing (or not dealing) with their internal affairs. Constant internal violence, murder and destruction of infostructure(as you wrote with the greenhouses) - and yet the international community insist of maintaining a constant stream of financial aid. As if you could call any of the Palestinian politicians 'leaders.' They can't even ensure that the money flowing in, reaches their people. Its a sad state especially for the average Palestinian! All they have to console themselves is that they had democratic elections, and so they have to live with their decision. Maybe next time a party that recognises Israel would be a better plan :)


The blindness of the international community to the Palestinian cause boggles the mind. I say a survey last year that said they get more aid per capita than any entity on earth. None of it was conditional on good governance or even non-violence like most other donee countries. What was also interesting is that their per capita GDP was hardly the worst in the world. Other African countries like Somalia, Sierra Leone etc were much poorer. Why are these countries losing out at the expense of the Palestinians and why are Africans not saying anything about it?

Nili Scham

It just goes to show the truth behind the Israel-Palestinian conflict - anti-semitism. Otherwise, why would the world fund them to such a great extend, mostly unconditionally?

And why would the international community want to fund African countries? They would get nothing from it. By supporting the Palestinians they can have good relations with the 'Oil-rich' Saudis. They help as long as they get something from it - no one-way streets!

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