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May 31, 2006



Chomsky is totally discredited. I don’t know why anyone still gives him the time of day. He came out in support of Pol Pot and his genocide in Cambodia. He was also a great support of the late butcher of the Balkans Slobodan Milosevic. If its anti-American no matter how evil it is, it must be ok is his books.


The old coot is totally barmy, and his visit with Hezbulla put a final brushstroke in a picture of terminal senility.

Ignoring him would be better, but I understand the attractiveness of the subject ;-)


came out insupport of the cambodian massacres and of milosevic? rubbish. he did support the unification of those balkan states but didnt support what milo did!!
have you actually read any of his books? i guess not. generally those that hate him havent read his books.


I wouldn't subject myself to Chomsky's filth to know what an evil bastard he is. Anyone who visits Hezbullah and denies Israel's right to exist, doesn't deserve the air that he breathes in my book.
I would reccomend 'An Anti-Chomsky Reader' by David Horowitz and Peter Collier.


Marty, I think you are mistaken. I quote from a book he wrote 3 years after the Khmer Rouge began their killing of 3 million Cambodians ‘If a serious study … is someday undertaken, it may well be discovered that the Khmer Rouge programs elicited a positive response…’

On Yugoslavia, Chomsky opposed the US military efforts to save Bosnian Muslims claiming that ‘primarily for cynical great power reasons, the US selected Balkan Muslims as their Balkan clients.’

Chomsky has also come out in support of a notorious French Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson. Chomsky wrote a forward to his book on the subject of Jews fabricating the Holocaust in order to extort war reparations from Germany and build sympathy for the state of Israel.

Chomsky has veered so far off the rational political edge that the left leaning New York Review of Books no longer publishes his writings.

I am also happy to expose his positions on America and Israel


Chomsky is also on record as supporting the Syrian occupation of Lebanon , and denying Syrian atrocities against the Christian Lebanese population

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