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May 17, 2006



superb illustration of the hypocracy!!!

Just a Caring Individual

So you saying that you dont want people to give money to the Palestinians? The money was given to the Hoping foundation - not to Hamas.


Just a caring individual, people has the right to give their money to who the wish. Steve’s post serves to highlight the irony of Kate Moss and many others support for the Palestinians. How can people who engage in homosexual embraces support a entity that openly opposes such actions. It is absurd.

Steve was poignantly highlighting the absurdity of this unholy alliance between the Left and radical Islam. Similarly how can feminist openly support regimes that oppress women in the most barbaric way? Yet if it is a Palestinian or Islamic cause they are there. They are going to have to face up to this hypocrisy.


Interesting to note that Jemima Khan is married to the Pakistani cricketer.
There are millions of hungry children in Pakistan and war torn neighbouring Afghanistan
Yet they focus only on the Palestinians.
With all the money coming in to the Palestinians from all over the world (they get more foreign aid than all of sub-Saharan Africa put together) the Pallies should have as high a standard of living as Sweden.


I took a look at that 'sodomy laws' website.
Interesting that Iraq put homosexuals to death before Saddam was removed by the American forces of liberation , and now homosexuality is legal in Iraq.
when you think how many gay groups marched to protect Saddam during the Iraq War.
Similar with Iran. Gays are hung in Iran , but if the USA invaded Iran , many gays and gay groups would join the hysterical protests against the USA.


It will be interesting to see if the gay groups in SA protest when/if Hamas do finally arrive in SA. I think we all know just how quite they are going to be.


Several leading openly gay figures-like the TAC's Nathan Geffen-in South Africa are violently anti-Israel and rabidly pro-Palestinian.


Its unfair to criticise gay people for not protesting a Hamas visit.

If the Sudanese Janjaweed came to SA, i know that MOST (99%) of my friends (including me) would complain about it - but no-one would actually protest.

Does that mean that I or my friends endorse the Janjaweed? No.

Its also unfair because not all gay people belong to the groups that dont support Israel.

There are also openly gay people in SA that support Israel.

The radicals that led the protests against the war in Iraq cannot be used to generalise all gay people.


I know that the Treatment Action Campaign (many of who's officials and spokespeople are openly gay) protested against the visit by then Israeli Deputy PM Ehud Olmert last year.
The TAC actually opposed the SA government's endorsement of a two state solution , demmanding they support the one state 'Palestine'solution.
There is also a fairly large gay group in the USA that openly supports Arab terrorism and is viciously anti-Israel called 'Queers United Against Israeli Terror' (QUIT)
They can be seen at every 'anti-war' and 'anti-Israel' march with banners proclaiming Queers for Palestine.
A disproportionate amount of pro-Palestinian 'Jews' are of the gay and lesbian persuasion.


So what is your point Gary?


work it out for yourself


Ok, just reread what you said. You just making the same point that I originally made about the hypocrisy of people in the West who support the Palestinians despite the view that their elected leaders have on their sexual orientations.

I thought you were suggesting a link between opinion on world conflicts and sexual orientation. Because that would be deplorable.



Seems to me that some of you could really use some 101s about the things you talk about. For example, Jemima is ex-wife of Khan. And that she has done MUCH about Afghan refugees and I wonder where 'millions of hungry children in Pakistan' are. Suckers.

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