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May 17, 2006



I don’t think we could possibly comprehend the psychological horror that the victims are still forced to endure daily. Reminders of their suffering are everywhere from their murderous next door-neighbors to their own children.

I find the Rwandan solution to the post genocide reconciliation seriously flawed. Do they honestly believe that by denying ethnic identities they will prevent future violence? It was not difference that was responsible for the killing but the intolerance of difference. ‘There are no Tutsi or Hutu, only Rwandan’ is a serious problematic approach. Rather they should be educating the next generation that there are Tutsis and Hutus and both are Rwandans. We should do all we can to explain to them the merits of the Rainbow nation approach that we adopted here in South Africa. As South Africans and as Jews we are in a unique position to help.

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