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May 28, 2006



The problem is that they have been brainwashed in the Soviet Union , or even worse at Marxist universities like Wits-to be rabidly anti-Western
Also SA's penchant for befriending tyrranies makes me doubt the ANC's own democratic credentials


Here's some shock! horror! 4 Gary - I like many other mainstream capitalists also went to the "Marxist WITS". Perhaps that is why I can't understand the complicated Middle East as clearly as he does.

The ANC's naive and questionable foreign policy by no means make me doubt the ANC's democratic credentials. I may doubt the governing party's ability in selecting the right friends at the right times in international circles. But we are blessed to live in this country where the ANC fought against one of the world's uglier tyrranies to create a democracy. The peaceful resolution of this revolution is thanks primarily to the ANC's democratic credentials.


I totally agree with both Mike and Peter Fabricius. The ANC should jusge other countries by their behaviour - not their GDP.

As Gary will testify, I generally disagree with him on EVERY matter, but I dont think it's that unfair to question the ANC's democratic credentials.

That is to say, yes they are democratic - but how democratic?

I must admit that I don't think our government's democratic credentials are as strong as they claim. At least, not when democracy works against them.

Take the fiasco in the Cape after Helen Zille was appointed mayor. The last minute contract awarded to ex city manager (and ANC cadre) wallace Mqoqi just before the election was not very democratic. The ANC hasn't been very happy to allow the democratic election results to stand unchallenged in the Cape - because there they didnt win. It is not very democratic to only play the game when you win.

Laurence at Commentary said it well

The Cape High Court has chosen to uphold Wallace Mgoqi’s suspension, saying in no certain terms that his eleventh-hour contract extension by Nomaindia Mfeketo was illegal. This is good news: a sound defeat for the ANC’s tactic of using ANC bureaucrats to disrupt and undermine elected administrations they don’t like. But the “Mgoqi problem”, ultimately, was just a sympton of something greater: the ANC’s troubling habit of deploying party cadres to senior bureaucratic posts, who then treat the ANC as their primary object of loyalty, rather than the state or the constitution. This is the exact same problem that allowed the NIA to become an active participant in the Mbeki-succession war: the senior staff of the intelligence agency had become so stuffed with party cadres that it became almost a branch of the ANC, rather than a branch of the South African state. If Mgoqi had been capable of implenting DA policy rather than undermining it, there wouldn’t have been a problem. Unfortunately, too many of these cadres seem to have difficulty understanding that “party” and “state” are different things.

More here


Did you see that even the ANC's own alliance partners the SACP and COSATU claim SA under the ANC is heading toward a dictatorship.


Yes. And as much as I dislike SACP and COSATU they do have a point. It's the same criticism that others (like the Economist) have made of the ANC. Of course the SACP and COSATU are just as hypocritical and single minded - supporting that approach when it favours them and sniffing conspiracies when it doesnt.

That said, I do agree with Gersh, we are blessed to live in this country. And of course we are blessed that the ANC had men (and women) of such a high calibre that they were able to topple our previous ugly tyranny and transition to democracy (a democracy that they can take credit for creating) without substantial bloodshed. That goes without saying.


Of course the SACP and COSATU are hypocrites. They warn of dictatorship now but during the next elections' they'll campaign for the ANC to get a bigger majority!


Unless they campaigning against the ANC and form some united "Father Zuma" front!


Trust me , next election the SACP and COSATU will vigorously campaign for the ANC to increase their majority , and the next one , and the next one , and the next one and the one after that...

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