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April 17, 2006



One disturbing reaction to the attack as reported by AP:

"An Egyptian state-controlled newspaper praised Monday's suicide attack in Tel Aviv, which killed nine people and wounded dozens, calling it an act of sacrifice and martyrdom.

Egypt has always taken pains to condemn the violence by both sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is exceptional for one of the country's three biggest newspapers, whose editor is effectively appointed by President Hosni Mubarak, to endorse a Palestinian attack on Israeli civilians.

"It is not required of the Palestinian people that they raise their hands in surrender, accept the daily Israeli attacks and watch waves of settlers occupy their land and build settlements," Wrote Al Gomhuria in an editorial of its Tuesday edition.

See the full article here:,7340,L-3241041,00.html




If these comments were coming from Iran, Syria, Hamas or one of the other staple sources of hostility towards Israel it would be one thing. But here we're talking about Egypt - supposedly progressive, modern and an ally of sorts with the West in the war on terror.
What happened to the diplomatic gains to be made from disengagement?


What indeed...

But Disengagement wasn't premised on an improvement in our relations with the Arab world.

The primary premise was that by keeping the territories it will become increasingly difficult to remain democratic and Jewish. It was about being Jewish and democratic.

The diplomatic gains that I am concerned about are with the US. I cant believe honest observers would realistically pin their disengagement hopes on the Arab world suddenly embracing Israel and allowing us to exist.

We all know that its not about the territories. Egypt waged war on Israel before Israel had those territories so to think that the relinquishment of those territores would bring peace is naive in the extreme.

There will not be peace. But there could still be a future for a democratic and Jewish Israel.

What's the general feeling on the streets like in Israel at the moment?

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