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April 18, 2006



Zapiro is a disgusting blight on humanity.
He knows very well that Iran is building nuclear weapons to destroy Israel ina nuclear holocaust and that is why he is routing for Iran and against any action against Iran.
Zapiro , like other Jewish anti-semites, Ronnie Kasrils , Steve Friedman etc actually want s a second holocaust against Jews in Israel.


I find it incredible how everyone is down playing the Iranian threat. With America bogged down in Iraq and Europe being what they are, not much chance of a firm international response. Even sanctions look unlikely. So a nuclear Iran looks extremely likely.



I couldn't agree with you more. I forget who said it but the point has been made that the only thing we've really learned from history is that people don't learn from history.
The world's lack of response to Hitler's threats and rhetoric proved to be fatal and I fear that with Ahmadinejad we may be facing a similar situation.
The world is ready to write off Ahmadinejad because they see him as a fanatical lunatic who doesn't know what he's saying or doing.Unfortunately he's a lot smarter than he's being given credit for and knows exactly where his actions will lead.

One of the greatest challenges facing us in the modern era is that the enemy is no longer worried about taking itself down with us.


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Gary, you are way offline with that comment. Placing a death curse on someone, no matter how vile his views, is unacceptable. You should be ashamed of yourself


I think the world has too much to loose by allowing Iran to arm nuclear. The reason is simple. If they allow Iran to get Neucs, then the West faces exactly the same problem that they are facing now, except it will be 10 000 times bigger.

There's just no upside for Europe or the US to wait untill Iran has neucs before going to war. No one is under the illusion that allowing Iran Neucs is going to prevent hostility.

China and friends are just posturing. It serves their interests to be waving peace signs. They know it won't stop the west even if they Veto at the UN simply beacuse the west can't allow it to. Think about it, it's good strategy for their future. Iran gets a klap, its costs them nothing, and they get the oil contracts when the damage is done. Perfect.

Even Kofie Anan in his call for general calm specifically added that Iran needed to back down with out mentioning any other country by name the other night. It must be the first clear stance I've seen 'Ol Toothless take. Even if it was a fleeting one. The media storms and comparisons with Iraq don't worry me at all really.

I beleieve that the west has only two options. 1) Encourage Iran to back down. 2) Mobilise enough force to disarm Iran's long range rockets and air force so that the Neuclear targets can be eliminated in a civilised and unfettered manner.

In fact, that's only one option.

It's Iran that has two options.


I support the effort to ensure that iran disarms. but israel should also disarm. close dimona down. free vanunu. free palestine.
what if 1 day israel really believes the threats of the next madman that threatens to annihilate her and convinces israel to use the nukes? and what if the madman was bluffing? israel is in more danger with the nukes. only reason arabs or persions want nukes is cos israel has. call it jealousy or defense. if israel disarms then they don't need to get nukes anymore. african states behave in a similar manner in terms of jealousy.
btw...I don't support destruction of israel. just withdrawal to 67 lines and closing of all settlement on palestinian land.


Hi Thsepo,

The Palestinians must get an autonomous state.

But it must be remembered that it was the Arab League of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and the Palestinians that did not respect the '67 line in that year.

To wave the '67 line in the air and cry 'mercy' now, after closing the straights of Tiran which resulted in the combined massive hiding of the 6 days war could be seen as a convienient bit of back tracking.

Here's why...

So I'd agree with you, and say that the 67 line should be a guidline, definately. But I don't think it's a definitive line as you indicate since Abdel Nasser closed the straights of Tiran in '67, expelled the UN peace keeping force from Sharm el Shaik in the same year, and advanced, as the head of the Arab League, the armies of Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan to the borders of Israel. You wouldn't remember the broadcasts coming from the arab world as the armies advanced in '67, Nasser promising the rioting crowds in Cairo that Israel was about to be finally destroyed.

You wouldn't have been alive then Tshepo, but the vast majority of the world, and practically all world public opinion was firmly behind the Israeli's in the 6 days war for very good reason. Even if those reasons have been forgotten by the young generation. Even the Russians distanced themselves from the Arab position. A real 'first'! And possibly an 'only'!

My feeling is that you can not disrespect an agreement, and then waive it around, after you get a hiding.

You may also ask yourself why you call it the '67 line, when the line that you're talking about was established by the UN in 1948....?

The reason that you call the 1948 line, the '67 line, is that was the year that the Arab League of Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordon, and the Palestinains broke it.

To add to this the '48 Borders (if I may)were never recognised by any Arab states until it became convienient long after they got klapped in 1967. The vast Majority of Arab States do not recognise these borders now!

And the vast Majority of Palestinians certainly do not recognise them now.

On what grounds does an outsider, (i.e. a non Israeli, or non-Palestinian, like you or me) state to the Palestinans that terriroty should "revert to the 67 border"? It would be like an Israeli imposing a solution on South Africa that no South Africans were interested in.

Thanks truly for supporting the existence of a Jewish state though. Where ever the lines may be.


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