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April 06, 2006


Just a Caring Individual

hmmm...looks like my comment didnt come through.

said that the worst zionist is the one that pretends to car about others. obviously our friends steve & mike have never actually been to a checkpoint to witness the barbaric beating unleashed by their people.


Please remove the messages from the racist Israel-hater , pro-terrorist
'just a caring individual'
Please ban the Commie who supports the mass murder of Israeli women and children.


Just a caring individual, I have been to numerous checkpoints in the territories over a number of years (before and during the intifada). Don’t believe they are any more barbaric that the security checks Israelis go through at the entrance to shopping centres and bus stations. In fact I was in Jordan last December. And guess what they also have check points. Say old Arab women having their worldly possession thrown on the floor and searched by the Jordanian officers. Security is horrible but in the world in which we live it is unfortunately necessary.

I suppose then by your definition I am the worst kind of Zionist. For a do care deeply for the suffering of others including the Palestinians.

Gary, as I said to Gersh, we are not in the business of banning. We believe that this is a forum for people to express their ideas freely. If you disagree with just a caring individual’s comments you have the freedom to rebut them. You sound no better than the communists you hate so much. This blog is not the Zionist equivalent of Pravda.


Gary. Please read my concluding post on the comments from Afrikaner Zionist. I can repost it if you want.


Yes, gersh I did read your comments. It seems in your book it is ok to say what you want about Israelis and 'Zionists' but not about Black Communists!

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