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April 11, 2006



To Steve and Mike.

What a superb post.

The Rwanda tragedy and the lessons therefrom are not published in sufficient detail in our country, our continent and the world.

To be honest, I was quite naive to the enormity until Hotel Rwanda raised my level of curiosity and I began to research the events. I saw the movie shortly after returning from Auschwitz.

It is inconceivable that the rate of murder of Tutsi citizens far surpasses that of the Jews by the Nazis even during the most advances stages of Aktion Reynhardt. The 3 camps built specifically for killing by engineers and run by blood-thirsty murderers - sobibor, treblinka and majdanek did not take lives as quickly as the hatcheted armed militias of the Rwandan landscape. I find that quite sick - infact, the whole topic is sick.

Where were the UN, the world, where were we? We are so quick to question why Auschwitz was not bombed...


For those who continually push for a 'one state solution'for Israel and 'Palestine' , Rwanda provides a warning as to what happens when two hostile peoples are forced to inhabit the same country
If the 'one state solution' is hoisted on Israel, chas v' sholem , then the Jews of Israel will be massacred wholesale the same way the Tutsi where in Rwanda.
Will you happy then Allister Sparks , Steven Friedman? Virginia Tilley? John Stremlau?


Thats brilliant Gersh.


We South Africans were making a change from our own system of repression which most of us tolerated, into a new democracy, which most of us tend to complain about. (Unfair on us, but what of our parents generation?)

But we were busy with that.

So where was everyone else?

Where were YOU in 1994?


It is heartbreaking to recall such unnoticed brutality, to contemplate how 800 000 innocent civilians were killed within 100 days. Ethnic tension resulting in genocide is not easy to put aside, especially considering the world chose to turn a blind eye. Unforgivable.

Take the Holocaust as a prime example, the emotional impact, the images, the Diaspora... it all remains strong. Perhaps a key idea, something you learn as a Jew, is to vow to 'never forget.'


Keep on blogging


Ahh...a post that touches my heart.

Im thinking of selling T shirts made that say

"I was disrupting the Israeli security barrier whilst thousands of Black Muslims in Darfur were being raped, murdered, and forcibly removed from their homes - 2004-2009"


Very sharp anti-un. Put me down for some shirts. perhaps we can distribute them in parliament?

Vaz Lube

I recommend this book: A Problem from Hell - Samantha Power

The world knew what was happening, they did little or nothing to prevent the genocide from happening.

We must give Raphel Lemtikin

Vaz Lube

Eish, I pressed POST instead of PREVIEW. Grrr!

I recommend this book: A Problem from Hell - Samantha Power

The world knew what was happening, they did little or nothing to prevent the genocide from happening.


By the way Steve you wrote "We South Africans were making a change from our own system of repression which most of us tolerated, into a new democracy"
A country where the ruling party polls around 70% of the vote , and gets more of the vote EACH ELECTION , without fail nogal, can hardly be called a complete democracy.
SA is a de facto one party state.

Now look at the elections in Italy where less than 1% seperates the two main contendors, and a similar result in Hungary.
That is democracy!


Gary, there is no perfect democracy. A democracy is not measured by the fact that the ANC gets 70%. Its measured by the fact that the people have the power to change their 70%. That everyone still votes for them doesnt change the fact that people still have a free choice to vote for another party.

Compared to the tyranical previous regime, we are now a democracy.


On the other hand, here's an excellent post at Commentary about the ANC's inherent opposition to the will of the people if that will is supportive of the opposition.

L’Affaire Mgoqi


And then of course there is that disgusting floor crossing legislation which allows dozens shameless political whores to cross from opposition parties to the ANC every two years , thus disenfranchising thousands of voters.

James Clark

"All nations need strong sovereign states that will embark on military action if necessary to protect the safety of their people no matter where on the planet they may live."

Great, except when that strong state goes and massacres its own people.

Tiananmen Square comes to mind.

Not that the UN did anything there either...


You make a good point James. I was only looking at conflict between to different ethnic/religious/tribal/national groups. The issue of a country abusing its own people is much more complex. I wish we had an international organization that would enforce basic standards of human rights everywhere. But alas we only have the UN. So dictators and tyrants are able to literally get away with murder.

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