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March 31, 2006



In the Sunday Times
“You are among genuine friends who pray daily that soon your heroic people will regain their statehood,” Mbeki told Abbas at a dinner later.
what exactly is heroic about the Palestinians???
Blowing up schoolbuses?
Lynching Jews and tearing them apart?
Shooting Jewish children as they cower under their beds?
Shooting a heavily pregnant Jewish mother before executing her four terrified small daughters?
what exactly is Mbeki describing as heroic?

"National Intelligence Minister Ronnie Kasrils, who describes himself as a non-Zionist Jew, and Deputy Foreign Minister Aziz Pahad were due to lead the mission to the region"
Non-Zionist Jew?
What the hell is that
A 'Jew' who wants to dismantle Israel and mass murder her Jews.
Anyway I have no use for non-Zionist Jews.
I have nothing but hatred for these Israel-threatening traitors.



WTF do they mean "regain" their statehood?


Exactly, Judea and Samaria where part of Jordan before the 1967 war
And why doesn't the ANC ever speak out for statehood for the Tibetans , Uighurs , Inner Mongolians , Basques, Tartars, Chechens , Kurds , South Sudanese , Hmon , Montagnards etc?
What is so special about the Palestinazis?

Afrikaner Zionist

It is good to know that we have such pious & devout people that pray daily for others to "regain" their statehood. But one wonders WHO they are praying TO? Are these same devout people praying for the oppressed in Zimbabwe and Darfur and elsewhere? Furthermore, it is clear from the Palestinian leaders' own words that the destruction of Israel comes first, their statehood second. (See MEMRI). Perhaps they are praying to Apedemak, the ancient lion-headed war god of Kush. What an unholy alliance, what an evil omen: The Yellow Dragon, the Russian Bear, The Death Cult and the Kushite war god.

I hope Israel makes great breakthroughs in nuclear technology soon and in newgeneration ICBM's, so that the Israeli "arrows" may reach at least as far as St Petersburg and Pretoria. For purposes of deterrence, of course.


what a pity that a good post and what could have been an interesting debate on Pres Mbekis comments have been rubished by racist comments from "Afrikaner Zionist". Perhaps the hosts need to look at banning certain people or certain posts.


Gersh , what exactly is racist in Afrikaaner Zionist's post?
That he criticizes the ANC?
That he says Israel should built missiles that reach hostil nations that help the Iranians and Palestinazis?
If you mean the religious content , well the truth is that Mbeki and the ANC/SACP ARE atheists
A Christian government would be better for Jews and Israel, than the current atheist-communist government we are cursed with in SA.


Gersh, I only use the delete comments or banning of commentors for blatantly vulgar racist comments.

The comment by afrikaner_zionist falls in my mind falls way short of that - but if I see what I may be missing then I will remove it.

Anyways, to ban or remove any comment which might be offensive is counter productive.

There have been many anti-Israel comments which I allow to remain.

Of course - the comments do not at all represent the views or opinions or me or mike.


"I may be missing something - but i think the comment about "arrows" reaching SA was not to be taken literally"
No , I think Israel is entitled to build missiles to reach any country that aids those who working to destroy Israel.
SA has helped Iran in her nuclear weapons programme by supporting her 'right' to nuclear weapons and even agreeing to keep nuclear weapons parts.
SA's foreign policy of hostility to Israel and support for evil regimes like North Korea, Zimbabwe , Syria , Libya , Iran , Cuba , the Palestin Entity etc have taken away all patriotic feelings for SA. I don't even support SA's sports teams anymore.


And gersh how can you call for afrikaner zionist to be banned when you have never said the same for 'just a caring individual' who defends Hamas and attacks Israel?


Steve, good move I also dont think that it was necessarily racist but I agree that it was perhaps morally repungnant.

But you should remove comments like that - only those that are REALLY racist - like the one last year with the guy who supported Kach.

But keep in mind that if ever someone in the MSM wants to discredit you they will probably pick out some comments from your blog and attribute them to you. The same thing happend at LGF.


The Its almost suprntrl blog which, on which can be found, amongst other things, calls for Israel to fire missiles on South Africa.

So whereas Afrikaner Zionist probably didnt mean it - its easy to use against you.

But I agree that you should leave it because i dont see anyting racist.

But be on the lookout.



Sorry - meant to say that "you Should'nt remove comments like that".


Gersh, your call to ban and censor Afrikaner Zionist only serves to weaken you position. I personally do not agree with everything that he says. But believe engaging him in debate is a much more effective tool. Your position would be better served by explaining to other readers why you so vehemently disagree with him.


In response:

The site (in my mind) is dedicated to coverage of the middle-east and Israel. People who voice offensive opinions about either Israelis and/or Jews or Palestinians and/or Muslims hopefully do so to make intellectual points. I am not expecting these to be vetoed in any form. I have no problem with an apparent opinion calling for the bombing of Pretoria being expressed.

What I did not appreciate was the comment "Perhaps they are praying to Apedemak, the ancient lion-headed war god of Kush. What an unholy alliance, what an evil omen: The Yellow Dragon, the Russian Bear, The Death Cult and the Kushite war god"

This comment is littered with racist implication. Against Chinese people, muslim people and black people. Afrikaner Zionist is making use of the term "Kush or kushit". The origins of the term may be biblical. But, "Kushie" has now become a commonly-used racistly mocking term for black people. Black jews in Israel for example would be as offended with the use of the term as they would be with "Falasha"
or with N***R and K***R. Most readers of your blog will know that as will Afrikaner Zionist.

I belive fimrly that it was a cheap shot by the writer of the post to insult the black-led ANC government and I stand by my request that similar posts be removed from the blog in the future. The blog must operate in a culture of responsible postings. (the same reason why the cartoons of mohammed were never posted)


Gersh, I didnt know that. Similar posts in the future will be removed.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Considering your comment, I will leave this thread unchanged and as is.


In the evnt of -chas v' sholem-a nuclear attack on Israel , Israel would be fully entitled to fire missiles on all who helped her enemies to acquire nuclear weapons.

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