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March 17, 2006



nice one. but (and i grant this is my first visit), your blog looks more like a single-issue advocacy platform than a "political blog".


Fair enough...


My 2cents:
The SA Blogging community is still quite new and needs to grow. We dont have enough blogs who attract enough visitors for categories that are so strictly defined.

Its better to lump blogs who attract 100+ visitors a day into categories where they can sort of fit - that makes the awards more interesting.

And although this is advocacy it does fit into the broader "Political" category.


Well done Mike and Steve!!!

Vaz Lube

Congrats both Steve and Mike!

James Clark


IAS certainly deserves it. :)


Well done!
I have been reading this for some time now - you guys put alot of effort into it.

Keep it up.


Well done! You deserve the award.....I look forward to more good stuff.


Kol HaKavod!

Rethabile Masilo

I'm not a regular. I come over once in a while. But whenever I do I go away pondering something, or convinced of something else. That's what I need in a good blog.


Rethabile, thats one of the nicest compliments we have ever received.

Thank you!


Well done Guys!! Keep up the good work.

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