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March 12, 2006


Jonathan Edelstein

I've refrained thus far from writing about the McGreal article, but there's one thing about it that I feel underscores its fundamental intellectual dishonesty. Toward the end of the piece, McGreal describes a conversation he had with a liberal Jewish family shortly after arriving in Jerusalem, in which they argued that the Palestinians "didn't deserve a state" because of the suicide bombings. He says that this reminded him of conversations he'd had in South Africa. What he _doesn't_ say is that, since he's reported from Jerusalem for four years, this conversation would have occurred in the spring of 2002, right in the middle of the most murderous wave of suicide bombings ever to hit Israel.

It's only natural that liberal Jewish Israelis might have said things then that they wouldn't have said before or after, much like liberal Americans might have done on September 12, 2001. If I were McGreal, I'd think this was something my readers might want to know in order to place the conversation within its surrounding political events. That McGreal doesn't include this context - indeed, that he doesn't seem to think it's relevant - says more to me than the other 13,000-odd words.


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