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March 03, 2006



The M&G claims that their 'aim is firstly to open up debate on one of the world’s most intractable conflicts'. And I fully support that Idea. Debate is certainly healthy. But debate is about examining the unique situation in Israel and the Palestinian territories from both sides, not try to slander the Jewish State by saying it is Apartheid.

The extreme left that the M&G has come to represent are honestly not interested in debate for that would entail admitting Israel also has a perspective. Demonising Israel so as to ultimately destroy its Zionist and Jewish character is their true intention. I don’t know why they continue to hide it under the guise of debate.


What has the M&G's commentary been on the Cartoons issue?

Generally those who use the pre-emptive "watch the Jews complain" approach, believe Muslims should be appeased over the cartoons. They need to have their standards exposed.

Jews complain because for them, the existence of Israel is tied to their own existence. For Muslims it's about ...... what the hell is it about?

guy moran

bbc correspondent in israel wept while on air during the funeral march of arafat.
let's face it, the world media is against the jews.
or in the more PC form, against israel.


The M&G actually printed one of the cartoons. And were then forced to apologise.

But the M&G have always taken a one sided approach against Israel.

But take a look at their previous editorial which shot down jewish complaints.

What about the fact that the editor of the Mail and Guardian is muslim? When one of the cartoons were published and her fellow muslims got upset she rolled over and begged for forgiveness. But when it comes to Jews she's very quick to 'staunchly defend' racist cartoons displaying them as twisted hook nosed murderers.


Thats very true. In fact here is one of their recent hook nosed cartoons which prompted the "anti semitism canard" attack which I posted the link to above.


عملية السهم الثاقب

Perhaps if IQBAL here was as sharp as he likes to ridicule others in Arabic maybe he'd have more manners.

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