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March 08, 2006



The old National Party government had many faults but one thing that I can say for them: They would never have aligned themselves with evil regimes like Iran , Iraq under Saddam, Syria, Libya , Cuba , North Korea, Red China , Sudan and Hamas.

In that way the NP government of old where far superior to the morally bankrupt ANC which rushes to embrace every evil totalitarian and terrorist regime in the world, just out of sheer bloodymindedness.

James Clark

[quote]They would never have aligned themselves with evil regimes like Iran , Iraq under Saddam, Syria, Libya , Cuba , North Korea, Red China , Sudan and Hamas.[/quote]

No... But if Nazi Germany had still been around, it might have been another matter.

I hope our government uses its apparent diplomatic leverage over Hamas in the upcoming talks, instead of just playing to the cameras and political rags for more perceived international prestige. It's no good having the influence if you aren't going to use it for the good of the people.


South Africa has alot to offer if we use our assets correctly.

Make no mistake: The Palestinians do listen to what we have to say - we do have influence.

Imagine if SA had said to Hamas "we are waiting to call you to arrange talks - but we are first waiting for you to recognise Israel."

That would have sent a message to Hamas that even SA - their brothers in the struggle will not play until they fulfill their most basic responsibility.

That would also increase the currency of talks with us. Hamas would realise that they cant get talks with us that easily.

Talks with us would be seen by the world as reward for something.

I hope we dont repeat the mistakes we made in the 90s with arafat.

we invited arafat during Oslo before witnessing his willingness to deliver on the deals he signed.

He came here - was treated as a revolutionary hero - and had talks which amounted to nothing.

While he was here he spoke radically at a mosque calling for Jihad. He said that Oslo is just a ruse etc etc.

It was a huge diplomatic blunder. He would never have done that in the USA. But for some reason he realised he could get away with inciting radicalims in SA.

We cannot have a situation here were Hamas preach radicalism in mosques in SA.


Don't hold your breath waiting for SA to ask Hamas to recognize Israel.
They will simply reitearte their support for the 'Palestinian struggle' and condemmn Israel. Nothing calling on Hams to recognize Israel or lay down arms.
Kasrils will be there too and he'll make sure he's noticed fraternizing with Hamas.
Just wait and will happen exactly as I say.

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