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March 02, 2006



Once again, the South African government has shown it's true colours as the most hostile nation towards Israel outside the Arab and Muslim world.

It is time for South African Jewry to stop appeasing this government and stand up for what is right!


Russia have made public their intention to use the visit as a mechanism to influence Hamas to denounce terrorism and recognise Israel.

Thus far, our government have not made any similar statements. Whilst they may naively believe they can exert such influence on Hamas, surely they must publically announce their motivation in meeting Hamas.


No doubt Red ronnie will be there to greet Hamas as his brothers and say to them 'Salaam , comrades, kill a few Zionist children for me , won't you?'

James Clark


Not quite.

Did you hear President Mbeki's comments on the sickness of Ariel Sharon a while back? It's on this blog.


Sorry, typo on my name, sunstitute "Jal" for "Jak"

James, I did see those comments and it was a welcome change from the usual protocol of Mbeki and Co.
But let's not forget the comments that weren't made after Iran's declaration of intent to wipe Israel off the map and the constant criticism of Israel's self-defense measures.
Time and again, the South African government has called for concessions from Israel while failing to renounce Palestinian terror or make demands from those responsible on that end to stop the violence. Here we have yet another example...


To "Just a caring individual" from the previous thread...

They meeting with people who express desires vi their charter to kill Jews. People who are responsible for blowing up civilians. People who refuse to make a 2 state peace solution their goal.

People that want to kill Jews because they are Jewish.

Just for one second try and put yourself in our perspective and imagine how that feels.

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